Old-Fashioned Latino Dating Rules People Should Followed

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When it comes to relationships, I swear mami lived in fairytale land. From romantic letter exchanges to (eventually) epic marriage proposals, these are some of the dating standards our parents tried teaching us that are not any more real than unicorns for our generation.

A guy actually asking you out on date.


There was none of that “let’s watch Netfilx and chill” bulls**t.

Opening the car door.


I mean, we don’t want to pull a Gaga, but it would be nice.

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Guys should always pay.


Pull out… the chair.


They never do.

Walk on the outside of the street.


These days, we’re lucky if he walks next to us and not ahead.

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Plan the dates.


Sadly, these days guys have zero creativity.

Pick up his date.

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No Batmobile needed. ANY ride will do. Pinky promise.

Come to the door.


Not just honk.

The grand romantic gesture.


Like bring us flowers… or any other small token of appreciation.

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Be clear on where the relationship stands.


What the hell does “hanging out” mean?

Put cellphones away.


This is me time! Might as well date an avatar.

Not expect sex.


A plate of pasta does not guarantee a night in our bed. Momma taught us well.

What other dating expectations are guys killing these days? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to put those losers to shame by sharing this on Facebook. 

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