These Latino Toys are Borderline Deadly

Mexican toys
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One of the joys of growing up Latino is getting to play with some of these awesome mercado toys that stride that border between fun and freakin’ deadly. Amirte?


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This could also be called a bonker ’cause lots of kids give themselves coscorrones with them.


These were so much fun until you got whacked in the leg with one.

Alarma Sismica

That’s a big name for these cute little tortuguitas that are a total choking hazard. The little legs break off easy and the head is hanging by a string. Not to mention how painful it was if you got your finger caught under the turtle’s head.

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I’m not really sure how a slingshot ended up being sold as a jugete, but m’kay.


This might not seem all that dangerous, but it will put you in danger of having nightmares. Creepy much?


You made a ruckus and almost plucked an eye out with these things.

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Dos Bolitas

These balls bruised you up bad, but dang, they were so addictive.

Pistola de Balines

Credit: @nosrel/Instagram

You always had that one primo who thought it was funny to shoot at you.


Credit: salvador.sanchez.779/Instagram

These are just plain cruel because the more you freak out about having your finger stuck, the more stuck it is.

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