This Latina Is Reinventing Halloween Costumes We’ve Seen A Million Times Before

@eva.lamorte / Instagram

From the most majestic, beautiful makeup, to the most freakishly gory body paint, artist Vanessa Evangeline LaMorte aka Eva, does it all. Check it out and be prepared to be amazed.

The Bay Area native told mitú inspiration for her work is driven by her “culture and experiences” as seen with this Chilindrina costume…

And this Frida.

?Trate De ahogar mis penas, pero las condenadas aprendieron a nadar? -Frida Kahlo products used are: @bennye nose and scar wax for lifting skin @kryolan spirit gum to glue down and their flexible sealer for finish @thekatvond shade and light face contour pallete to contour the eff out of my face. Cause, I don't look a think like my dear frida @thekatvond in Under Aged lipstick for Frida well known red lippie also used her Longwear foundation to give appropriate color to face and wax @Sauceboxcosmetics Étude pallete for a eyes, on both sides of face @kryolanofficial clown white cream makeup for sugar skull @starcrushedminerals pigment in Belle for skull cheek. And Glitter in wine and dine me for flower and eye area @mehronmakeup black Aqua color for details on sugar skull And of course, I didn't do this intentionally but my @anastasiabeverlyhills Brow wiz….. Cause……. brows!!! Easiest to get small hair details. headpiece by me plugs by @lovekillsboutique???? #fridakahlo #frida #diegorivera #mexico #mexicolindo #? #fantasy #fx #sfx #fxmakeup #powdah #dehsonae #jewshopalot #luvekat #vannaaaaxo #bobbieeller #kellyjurado #kryolan #alexfaction #mykie_ #bossassmakeup #facepaint #facepainting #creepy

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“Being 1st Generation Mexican American, I was blessed to have (for lack of better words) the best of both worlds,” she said.

She told us it was the passing of her father that made her embrace el Día De Los Muertos.

“Día De Los Muertos became a big part of me, especially at an early age. I lost my father at 11 years old and at that age death became something that I began to accept and became normal  (i.e.; honoring our loved ones and accepting the inevitability, that is death and the beauty, that is life),” she explained.

Eva sums up why she loves what she does in four words: “There are no limits.”

??Forever I Fall?? ?Autumn Goddess? thank you all again for the love on my last photo. I truly adore you all. just another shot of my Fall Goddess will someone do my hair like this. That silver and pastel green is everything. It reminds me of @ssssamanthaa and I'm all about that life right now. product deets on previous post. Companies tagged. #vegas_nay #anastasiabeverlyhills #scm #starcrushedminerals #camoeyes #eylure #grandglamor #wakeupandmakeup #universodamaquiagem #universodamaquiagem_oficial #dressyourface #cakefaceconfession #makeupgeek #makeupgeektv #sugarpill #kvdlooks #viciousvanityfx #evalooks #beatfacebeauty #boobista @sigmabeauty #sigmafx #sigmabeauty #TIMELAMAKEUP #lushwigsmodelsearch #lushwigs

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“I was always super reserved and quiet growing up, I can say I still am, makeup and then body painting became an outlet for me to express whatever I was feeling. And as frustrating as it can be, I love the process of creating a piece, the layers, the hating it halfway through, the hopes of digging the final product to finally realizing ‘yea, I did that.'”

She definitely doesn’t limit herself when it comes makeup and costume, as the case with this cyclops that shuts down the competition.

It’s creepy, yet so beautiful.

Or this insane clown that looks like street art.

The detail in her work is everything!

But she doesn’t only do pretty, she knows how to scare the sh*t out of someone.

I wouldn’t want to run into this anywhere.

She even reinvented the dead bride we’ve all seen a million times before.

So much detail!

Disney might want to give her a call after seeing this.

❤️I Walked With you once upon a dream. ? You guys! I hope you all are having a beautiful Tuesday! Can we talk about how much I've been craving to watch Maleficent and haven't had time to. ?? What movie do you babes prefer, Sleeping Beauty or Maleficent? I love them both! But let's talk about Angelina and how much she won me over with that role. ?? if you haven't seen my little vid, check it out! anywhoot, adore u all. ? Used: ? @mehronmakeup Paradise paints. @starcrushedminerals metallic pigments, @katvondbeauty everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira, s+l eye for contour and White concealer, @eylureofficial @vegas_nay lashes #katvond #kvdlook #disneybound #eylure #vegas_nay #vegasnay #scm #mehronmakeup #mehrongirl #starcrushedminerals #disneymakeup #disney #dragonmakeup #dragon #sleepingbeauty #Maleficent #maleficentmakeup #disneyarts @disney.arts #mehronmakeup #31daysofmehronhalloween

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Makes me want to be a badass villain instead of a princess.

Not sure what she calls this one, but it’s SO stunning. She even got stars on her eyebrows.

⭐️Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle? Hey dolls! Decided to do something a little different today. Received some amazing goodies and had to put them to use! Hope you dig it! Deets: ? @mybeautymarkmakeupacademy Translucent powder ? @meltcosmetics shadows in Promiscuous, love sick, radioactive, Amelie ? @starcrushedminerals Star Glitter, lashes in Cythera, highlighter Kiss on my cheek, icebreaker ?@katvondbeauty Liner in Trooper, lippie in Ayesha ? @makeupmonsterscosmetics in Blackened Heart ? @proaiirmakeup Hybrid Paints! ? 3tone lenses from @boulonguise Brushes from @caocosmetics and @furlesscosmetics #mbmdolls #meltcosmetics #starcrushedminerals #kvdlook #kvdbeauty #proaiirmakeup #boulonguise #caocosmetics #furlesscosmetics #starmakeup #pinkhair #overtone

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And I’m here struggling to make them match.

Here’s an homage to Selena without being cliché.

Anything for Salinas ??. Late night post. Thank u all so much for the love on this look! I can't tell u how much I adore u all. ? Products: ?@katvondbeauty lock it foundation ? @katvondbeauty Shade and Light contour palette for selena face ? @katvondbeauty Adora liquid lippie ? @mehronmakeup paradise paints ? @maccosmetics chroma cakes @starcrushedminerals pigments in some like it hot pink and anarchy ? @furlesscosmetics decadent, obnoxious, hedonistic ? @sauceboxcosmetics etude palette for shading and highlight ? @rockalash lashes ? @luminouslens lenses in ifairy moe moe Brown #selenavive #selenaquintanilla #selenaquintanillaperez #reinadeltejano #selena #kvdlook #starcrushedminerals #mehronmakeup #sauceboxcosmetics #furlesscosmetics #rockalash#brian_champagne #hudabeauty #auroramakeup #universodamaquiagem #universodamaquiagem_oficial #vegas_nay

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A creative alternative to wearing a Selena costume this Halloween.

And this modern twist to the classic film “Beetlejuice” is giving me lyfe!

"Never trust the Living" Little looksie at my Betelgeuse inspired Look for a collab with some amazing artists. Can't wait to share. Look was inspired by a compilation of fan art I seen online. None of them had artist info. ?? Lydia deetz: 1️⃣ @mehronmakeup paradise paints 2️⃣ @starcrushedminerals glitter in Venom and shattered opal. Pigment in nefarious 3️⃣ @meltcosmetics shadows in xenon, promiscuous, and Dark matter 4️⃣ @inglot_usa lashes 5️⃣ @camoeyes lenses 6️⃣ @fxcosplay_ metallic aqua paint in silver #meltcosmetics #meltradioactive #starcrushedminerals #mehronmakeup #sillyfarm #inglot #camoeyes #beetlejuice #timburton #sandworm #skull #skullmakeup #amazingmakeupart #worship13gallery

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Be sure to check out more of her looks on the ‘gram.

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Their Son Was Killed On Mexican Soil By A Border Patrol Agent And They Want Justice

Things That Matter

Their Son Was Killed On Mexican Soil By A Border Patrol Agent And They Want Justice

Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments on the case of Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca. In 2010, the 15-year-old Mexican national was killed by Border Patrol agent Jesus Mesa Jr. The Mexican teen was shot in the head by Mesa Jr. while the former was standing on Mexican soil. The SCOTUS case could have serious implications on whether foreign nationals can sue U.S. officials for excessive force.

This was the scene at the U.S.-Mexico border between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, México, in 2010.

Univision / CNN / grosscrime2 / YouTube
CREDIT: Univision / CNN / grosscrime2 / YouTube

On June 7, 2010, Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca was with four other Mexican teens on the border. According to The New York Times, the four boys started to take turns daring each other to run to the fence on the U.S. side and touch it. That was when Border Patrol agent Jesus Mesa Jr. decided to engage with the teens.

The sudden death of their 15-year-old son devastated the family.

Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube
CREDIT: Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube

Sergio’s mother spoke about how she was given information to keep her calm, but she knew better. Rather than just believing what authorities told her about her son, Maria made her way down to the Rio Grande and saw her son lying there dead.

Sergio’s death sparked outrage throughout Mexico because the teen was shot and killed by a U.S. Border Patrol agents while standing on Mexican soil.

Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube
CREDIT: Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube

“If the migrant is still on the Mexico side of the border, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for Border Patrol to engage with that migrant,” Tania Chozet, a policy advocate for the ACLU of New Mexico told SBCC Media. She continued, “It is Border Patrol’s policy to use lethal force in response to the throwing of a rock.”

Sergio’s family has said that they do not want money, they simply want justice. However, as a foreign national, their rights against U.S. officials are pretty limited.

Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube
CREDIT: Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube

“If ever a case could be said to present an official abuse of power so arbitrary as to shock the conscience, the Appellants have alleged it here,” the Fifth Circuit Appellant Court stated in their ruling, according to AZ Central. The court went further and said that the border between the U.S. and Mexico is subject to the Fifth Amendment, meaning Sergio’s family has the right to sue Mesa Jr. As the court states, the laws governing the U.S.-Mexico border are the same as the laws governing Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The story of Sergio’s death is becoming a more frequent tale, with other teenagers being killed in Mexico by bullets flying from Border Patrol guns in the U.S.

Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube
CREDIT: Associated Press / Univision / SBCC Media / YouTube

You can read the full story here.

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