This Latina Is Reinventing Halloween Costumes We’ve Seen A Million Times Before

From the most majestic, beautiful makeup, to the most freakishly gory body paint, artist Vanessa Evangeline LaMorte aka Eva, does it all. Check it out and be prepared to be amazed.

The Bay Area native told mitú inspiration for her work is driven by her “culture and experiences” as seen with this Chilindrina costume…


And this Frida.


“Being 1st Generation Mexican American, I was blessed to have (for lack of better words) the best of both worlds,” she said.

She told us it was the passing of her father that made her embrace el Día De Los Muertos.


“Día De Los Muertos became a big part of me, especially at an early age. I lost my father at 11 years old and at that age death became something that I began to accept and became normal  (i.e.; honoring our loved ones and accepting the inevitability, that is death and the beauty, that is life),” she explained.

Eva sums up why she loves what she does in four words: “There are no limits.”


“I was always super reserved and quiet growing up, I can say I still am, makeup and then body painting became an outlet for me to express whatever I was feeling. And as frustrating as it can be, I love the process of creating a piece, the layers, the hating it halfway through, the hopes of digging the final product to finally realizing ‘yea, I did that.'”

She definitely doesn’t limit herself when it comes makeup and costume, as the case with this cyclops that shuts down the competition.


It’s creepy, yet so beautiful.

Or this insane clown that looks like street art.


The detail in her work is everything!

But she doesn’t only do pretty, she knows how to scare the sh*t out of someone.


I wouldn’t want to run into this anywhere.

She even reinvented the dead bride we’ve all seen a million times before.


So much detail!

Disney might want to give her a call after seeing this.


Makes me want to be a badass villain instead of a princess.

Not sure what she calls this one, but it’s SO stunning. She even got stars on her eyebrows.


And I’m here struggling to make them match.

Here’s an homage to Selena without being cliché.


A creative alternative to wearing a Selena costume this Halloween.

And this modern twist to the classic film “Beetlejuice” is giving me lyfe!


Be sure to check out more of her looks on the ‘gram.

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