This Latina Is Reinventing Halloween Costumes We’ve Seen A Million Times Before

From the most majestic, beautiful makeup, to the most freakishly gory body paint, artist Vanessa Evangeline LaMorte aka Eva, does it all. Check it out and be prepared to be amazed.

The Bay Area native told mitú inspiration for her work is driven by her “culture and experiences” as seen with this Chilindrina costume…


And this Frida.


“Being 1st Generation Mexican American, I was blessed to have (for lack of better words) the best of both worlds,” she said.

She told us it was the passing of her father that made her embrace el Día De Los Muertos.


“Día De Los Muertos became a big part of me, especially at an early age. I lost my father at 11 years old and at that age death became something that I began to accept and became normal  (i.e.; honoring our loved ones and accepting the inevitability, that is death and the beauty, that is life),” she explained.

Eva sums up why she loves what she does in four words: “There are no limits.”


“I was always super reserved and quiet growing up, I can say I still am, makeup and then body painting became an outlet for me to express whatever I was feeling. And as frustrating as it can be, I love the process of creating a piece, the layers, the hating it halfway through, the hopes of digging the final product to finally realizing ‘yea, I did that.'”

She definitely doesn’t limit herself when it comes makeup and costume, as the case with this cyclops that shuts down the competition.


It’s creepy, yet so beautiful.

Or this insane clown that looks like street art.


The detail in her work is everything!

But she doesn’t only do pretty, she knows how to scare the sh*t out of someone.


I wouldn’t want to run into this anywhere.

She even reinvented the dead bride we’ve all seen a million times before.


So much detail!

Disney might want to give her a call after seeing this.


Makes me want to be a badass villain instead of a princess.

Not sure what she calls this one, but it’s SO stunning. She even got stars on her eyebrows.


And I’m here struggling to make them match.

Here’s an homage to Selena without being cliché.


A creative alternative to wearing a Selena costume this Halloween.

And this modern twist to the classic film “Beetlejuice” is giving me lyfe!


Be sure to check out more of her looks on the ‘gram.

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Cardi B Files Trademark For ‘Bardi Beauty’ After Hinting That She Wants to Launch Her Own Makeup Line


Cardi B Files Trademark For ‘Bardi Beauty’ After Hinting That She Wants to Launch Her Own Makeup Line

Getty Images; Marcho Verch/Creative Commons

Cardi B doesn’t stop hustling. Recently, the Bronx-born rapper filed legal documents to trademark the phrase “Bardi Beauty”. That means that Cardi B is thinking of getting into the makeup and beauty game.

So, in essence, Cardi B is planning a full takeover of the beauty industry. And we can’t wait! Cardi B’s past red carpet and photoshoot looks have practically broken the internet with their creativity and innovation.

This trademark filing comes to no surprise to fans who have been closely following the rapper’s business life. Cardi B has been teasing the idea of releasing a beauty line for years. Just last month, Cardi claimed that she wanted to start a haircare line for Afro-Latinas.

Earlier this year, Cardi announced on Instagram: “This year I will be coming out with a hair[care] line that I been working on at home for my hair and my daughter’s.”

“Being Hispanic/Latina don’t make your hair long, don’t make your skin light, or don’t make your face features slim, [e]specially Latin countries from the Caribbean islands,” she further explained on Twitter. “DNA [has] something to do with your hair, not your nationality.

“Bardi Beauty” would be one of many business spin-offs that Cardi would commit her time to. It was only a matter of time before she went the beauty route with Bardi Beauty.

The Grammy-winning rapper already has had massive success collaborating with brands like Reebok, Steve Madden, and Fashion Nova.

Fellow music jefas Rihanna and Selena Gomez have created lucrative beauty brands like Fenty Beauty and Rare Beauty to great fanfare. In fact, creating a beauty brand to go along with her music brand seems like a natural thing for Cardi B to do.

Let’s hope that Bardi Beauty will take the Fenty Beauty route and create products for people of different races, ethnicities, and skin colors.

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Morphe and Lisa Frank Have Teamed Up For a Nostalgic Makeup Collection That Is Perfect For ’90s Babies


Morphe and Lisa Frank Have Teamed Up For a Nostalgic Makeup Collection That Is Perfect For ’90s Babies

Courtesy Morphe

Good news for ’90s babies! The popular Morphe x Lisa Frank makeup collection is back in stock! The bright-colored school supplies brand and the budget-friendly makeup brand are, once again, teaming up for a collection to end all collections.

Last week, Morphe announced that they’re not only relaunching their Lisa Frank collection, but they were adding new products to the cult-favorite line.

Both makeup-lovers and Lisa Frank-lovers (and let’s be honest, there’s quite a bit of overlap here) can have fun with this team-up. The collection crossover originally debuted in November of last year to great fanfare.

At the time, the collab was everything millenials had been hoping for. “We hope the elevated packaging and iconic Lisa Frank spirit, combined with Morphe’s trusted formulas, will bring happiness and excitement as the consumer interacts with the collection from beginning to end,” Lisa Frank Inc. said.

While November’s launch was a three-piece collection, this release has the added bonus of a lip-crayon trio.

Last year, the Morphe x Lisa Frank collection consisted of a brush set, an eye shadow palette and a set of sponges–all created to look like the iconic Lisa Frank Inc. brand. This time around, they raised the stakes a bit and got into the lip-game.

While the lip crayons are packaged in Lisa Frank’s signature psychedelic colors, the lip pigments themselves are neutral. And, not to mention, gorgeous. Based off of the swatching, the colors will look good on all skin tones. The crayons’ shades are “Lifetime Fan”, “Kid at Heart”, and “Friends 4 Ever”.

Morphe’s iconic 35B palette was also Frankified to be brighter, bolder, and more playful.

The eyeshadow shades had names like “Playtime Kittens”, “Rainbow Chaser”, and “Prancing Unis”. Based off of those shade names, its safe to say that Morphe really dedicated itself to the Lisa Frank theme.

And as if the collab couldn’t get any better, the eyeshadow palette comes in three different covers: Zoomer & Zorbit, Forrest, and Prancing Unis.

So far, customers have been raving about the quality of the Morphe x Lisa Frank collection items.

“So so pretty and bright!” wrote one reviewer of the 35B palette. “Lots to play with & gives me nostalgia for when I was obsessed with Lisa.” (Weren’t we all??)

“I used to have a binder full of everything Lisa Frank so this palette was a NEED for me. I highly recommend it!” wrote another. “The shades aren’t patchy, they blend beautifully, and the color scheme is perfect.”

The collection is currently available at ULTA.com & Morphe.com and we can’t wait to try! Will you be checking it out?

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