We Found Women Who Can Take Down Cookie Lyon: These Telenovela Characters

Cookie Lyon has been bossing her way through Empire and no one has been able to stop her – but that’s because she hasn’t been put up against the ass-kicking telenovela characters we grew up watching. Let’s see how Cookie would stack up…

We know Cookie can throw a punch.

Credit: Empire / FOX / realitytvgifs / Tumblr

Which is cute since she needs to distract her victim first.

But this is what a real punch looks like.

Credit: Tierra de Pasiones / Telemundo / mcdreamy / Tumblr
Credit: Tierra de Pasiones / Telemundo / mcdreamy / Tumblr

No distractions; no gimmicks. Valeria of Tierra de Pasiones just swings away and still looks amazing. #latinalife

And Cookie wouldn’t know what to do if she got headlocked by Miroslava Montemar.

Credit: Valeria / Venevisión / siropedearce / Tumblr

She’s all about the surprise attack, girl.

Señora Acero understands the power of a good weapon.

Credit: Señora Acero / Telemundo

You don’t ask questions. After this, Cookie would probably do as Señora Acero says.

Meanwhile, Cookie thinks she’s a Latina mom disciplining with that chancla.

Credit: Empire / FOX

Nice try Ms. Lyon, but you gotta work on your aim or get out.

But to Bárbara Grego, a chancla is child’s play.

Credit: Mañana es para Siempre / Televisa / giohanni / Tumblr

She knows the power of a well-placed belt. Take notes.

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Sometimes the best insult is the one nobody expects.

Credit: Rebelde / Televisa / recallinfancy / Tumblr

Like Roberta Pardo’s shower treatment.

Soraya learned long ago that everyone is an enemy.

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa / kittypavl / Tumblr

Even the crippled and maids are fair game.

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa / fedehagen / Tumblr

Doesn’t Cookie know the help is the first to turn on you?

Credit: Empire / FOX / dailyempire-gifs / Tumblr

Don’t sh*t where you eat, Cookie. It can get nasty.

So, anything left to say, Cookie?

Credit: Empire / FOX / katesanfordd / Tumblr

Let Paola Bracho show you how to have the last word.

Credit: La Usurpadora / Televisa / x-xmadmax-x / Tumblr

‘Atta girl!

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AOC’s Quote About Being The Only Daughter In A Latino Household Is Getting Latinas Fired Up


AOC’s Quote About Being The Only Daughter In A Latino Household Is Getting Latinas Fired Up

Brittany Greeson / Getty

As young Latinos, there’s no denying the fact that learning to fold our family culture into the customs we acquire as Americans can shape our abilities to handle pressure. In the process of assimilation, we learn how to meet the demands of our parents and our peers all the while juggling the everyday expectations we shoulder while in school.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows all about managing these expectations. Last year, while addressing the media’s desire to see her pursue her career and fulfill societal expectations of her personal life (AKA get married) the politician reminded her followers that she can handle pressure because she grew up in a Latino household.

To boot, she was the only daughter in her home.

But what about the rest of us?

Those of us who maybe aren’t quite yet thriving politicians but manage to succeed in our everyday lives and do it all? We asked Latinas on FIERCE about how they’re able to relate to AOC’s comments and the responses were not only enlightening but a good reminder of Latina strength.

“And the oldest for that matter!! You not only learn to be tough, but also to be resourceful and amazingly great at delegating.” – emramirez1

“So true ughh the oldest child the only female and the first American born and the first to go to college oyeeeee the PRESSURE #mujerfuerte AINT NO ONE CAN TAKE ME DOWN lol por que our familia made us strong!” –paulinacastrellon

“Or the OLDEST daughter.” –m0zz_

“And be a food server for many years…” –kimoti_87

“Only daughter and only child! Thats some other level of #latinohousehold.” –wellnessparalamama

“Or a daughter in a Latino household with a strict father period!” –elliev03

“Look i went through allot and none of it made me stronger im a very shaky person theres a difference between trauma and tough love , i think she had tough love trauama fucks u up.” –__head___in___the____clouds__

“Oldest daughter, of 3 girls! You are the example!” – _cynnrenee

“I only wish the means to becoming tough and handle pressure for a Latina daughter didn’t root in traumatic machismo (male chauvinism) and systematic inequalities experiences. Surely there are ways to learn to have an affirmative tone and handle pressure without the trauma.” – marimukkii

“Or just being in a Latina household, period.” –mar_knut

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All Of Your Favorites Telenovelas Are Coming Back With NBC Universo’s ‘Retro Jueves’


All Of Your Favorites Telenovelas Are Coming Back With NBC Universo’s ‘Retro Jueves’


So many us are already glued to our screen right now, binge watching far too much television, if you ask me. But – and it’s a very valid but – a throwback series consisting of our favorite and iconic Latino television shows would be a very valid excuse to continue racking up that screen time.

And guess what? NBC’s Universo is delivering exactly that with the launch of their new prime time lineup called ‘Retro Jueves.’ Consider it a chance to rewatch some of your favorite TV shows and realize just how fast time passes.

‘Retro Jueves’ will be full of iconic Latino TV shows – bringing us some much-needed content during this quarantine.

With the slogan “Remembering is Living” – so true! – Universo is launching “Retro Thursdays”, a new programming block that will be broadcast every Thursday in prime time from April 30 (that’s tonight!) at 7 p.m. ET.

The new programming block will bring back some of the most iconic U.S. Spanish-language TV programs from the early 2000s and let us remember the good ol’ days as we get a chance to look back at the beginnings of some of our favorite TV celebs.

Consider this a golden opportunity to revisit some of these classic shows that so many of us grew up watching as kids. Or, if you’re in quarantine with your mamá or tías – get them in front of that TV with you for a trip down memory lane.

Some of the classics I’ll be watching include, Caso Cerrado.

Few shows are as iconic and over-the-top genius as Caso Cerrado. The super dramatic court TV program is hosted by the beloved Dr. Ana María Polo and includes some seriously scene-stealing guests.

Though the show has come under fire for allegedly creating fake court cases – I don’t care. It’s great entertainment.

Caso Cerrado will kick off the programming with some of it’s very first episodes at 7pm ET.

Then it’s on to Protagonistas de Novela 2.

Protagonistas de Novela 2 follows at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central. This 2003 reality show guaranteed the winner a spot in a future telenovela, and this particular season became crucial for current stars like William Levy and Ximena Duque. Relive the drama and excitement that divided a nation: were you team Erick Elías or Alfredo de Quesada? Maybe your opinion will change if you rewatch it, or maybe it’ll remain unchanged.

Then things get hot at steamy with episodes from the super intense show, Decisiones.

At 10 p.m./9 p.m. central, we’ll dive into the true stories of people thrust into amorous adventures and pushed to their breaking points. Decisiones brings steamy melodramas about passion and sex in the modern world of 2005, featuring unique standalone stories in each episode.

Then it’s way back to Dr. Ana María Polo’s OG days with her original court program – Sala de Parejas.

This was the very court program that quickly had Dr. Ana María Polo stealing the hearts of viewers. The show centers on marital problems – which made for some seriously great TV. The success of Sala de Parejas enabled Dr. Ana María Polo to take the idea further and launch Caso Cerrado, where she was able to show other disputes not related to relationships.

With such a promising lineup of classic, iconic TV shows – I now have my Thursday night plans and I’m beyond excited.

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