We Found Women Who Can Take Down Cookie Lyon: These Telenovela Characters

Cookie Lyon has been bossing her way through Empire and no one has been able to stop her – but that’s because she hasn’t been put up against the ass-kicking telenovela characters we grew up watching. Let’s see how Cookie would stack up…

We know Cookie can throw a punch.

Credit: Empire / FOX / realitytvgifs / Tumblr

Which is cute since she needs to distract her victim first.

But this is what a real punch looks like.

Credit: Tierra de Pasiones / Telemundo / mcdreamy / Tumblr
Credit: Tierra de Pasiones / Telemundo / mcdreamy / Tumblr

No distractions; no gimmicks. Valeria of Tierra de Pasiones just swings away and still looks amazing. #latinalife

And Cookie wouldn’t know what to do if she got headlocked by Miroslava Montemar.

Credit: Valeria / Venevisión / siropedearce / Tumblr

She’s all about the surprise attack, girl.

Señora Acero understands the power of a good weapon.

Credit: Señora Acero / Telemundo

You don’t ask questions. After this, Cookie would probably do as Señora Acero says.

Meanwhile, Cookie thinks she’s a Latina mom disciplining with that chancla.

Credit: Empire / FOX

Nice try Ms. Lyon, but you gotta work on your aim or get out.

But to Bárbara Grego, a chancla is child’s play.

Credit: Mañana es para Siempre / Televisa / giohanni / Tumblr

She knows the power of a well-placed belt. Take notes.

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Sometimes the best insult is the one nobody expects.

Credit: Rebelde / Televisa / recallinfancy / Tumblr

Like Roberta Pardo’s shower treatment.

Soraya learned long ago that everyone is an enemy.

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa / kittypavl / Tumblr

Even the crippled and maids are fair game.

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa / fedehagen / Tumblr

Doesn’t Cookie know the help is the first to turn on you?

Credit: Empire / FOX / dailyempire-gifs / Tumblr

Don’t sh*t where you eat, Cookie. It can get nasty.

So, anything left to say, Cookie?

Credit: Empire / FOX / katesanfordd / Tumblr

Let Paola Bracho show you how to have the last word.

Credit: La Usurpadora / Televisa / x-xmadmax-x / Tumblr

‘Atta girl!

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