I Thought Rebelde Was My Life, But Instead It Was Taking Over My Life

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We all develop random obsessions while growing up. For me, “Rebelde” was that obsession. Somewhere between elementary school and middle school, I became addicted to the telenovela “Rebelde.” And I admit I went a little overboard as a “Rebelde” and RBD fanatic.

The first thing I did when I got home was walk straight to the TV and flip the channel to “Rebelde.” Thankfully, it started at 3 p.m. so I had about 15 minutes to hop in my mom’s car, get home and dash to the TV.

It was always a fight between me and my mom about whose turn it was to watch their novela.

I memorized the lyrics to every single RBD song. So as soon as I heard “Y soy Rebelde,” I would be like…


Every single RBD CD, you name it, I had it.

My life is complete #growinguphispanic #RBDFan #TBT ??????

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This was where all of my allowance went.

I spent money on this hard, flavorless gum just so I could collect all of the Rebelde stickers inside.


Maybe this is what gave me so many cavities, but it was “Rebelde!”

And my sticker collection got bigger and bigger.

The stickers made me so happy.

My room was decked out with Rebelde posters.

Because I couldn’t think of anything more colorful to decorate my room with.

A LOT of posters.

Revista PÔSTER de 2004 ? #raridade #rbd #Ysoyrebelde #parasrmpreRbd

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Anyone that entered my room would knew right away that I was sort of, kind of, reeeeeally a fan of “Rebelde.”

When it came time for back-to-school shopping, there was no stopping me.


I had to have it all.

And I was always prepared with my Rebelde swag.

From head to toe.

Every time a teacher gave me a sticker, I’d stick it to my forehead because that’s what Mía Colucci did.

I even insisted on having a “Rebelde” themed birthday party…


…which required all of my friends and cousins to dress in “Rebelde” uniforms.


I wasn’t joking about my birthday party theme.

“Rebelde” was my life! ??


I was obsessed!! ?

How did “Rebelde” take over my life?….?

E meu dia foi assim relembrando minha infância #minhacolecao #RBD #amareiprasempre #ysoyrebelde

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Why did my family not intervene if they saw this was a serious problem??

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