This is How Latinos React When You Compare their Heart to Mexican Candy

Earlier this week, mitú posted this meme on Facebook (follow us!):

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Sweet, right? ?

Plenty of people agreed.


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Others took a moment to reflect.

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She wasn’t the only one…


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Most people kept their sense of humor about it, though.

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This guy became very poetic…

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But this guy wasn’t having it.

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A few people sent it to their significant others…

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And others sent it to friends.

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Some were grateful to have a new line to use at the club…

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While others chimed in with tips:

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This guy even provided evidence of his delicate touch.

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Wow, two unbroken mazapanes? Kenji, you’re the real MVP.

Have you ever been able to open a mazapan candy without breaking it? Let us know in the comments below. 

Two Sisters Wanted To Share Their Mexican Culture With Everyone So They Started Donas, A Mexican-Themed Donut Shop


Two Sisters Wanted To Share Their Mexican Culture With Everyone So They Started Donas, A Mexican-Themed Donut Shop

donas____ / Instagram

Foodies are flying in from as far away as Atlanta to get a taste of Southern California-based Donas, a pastel-hued wonderland of donuts showcasing the fusion of Mexican-American culture. Not only are the flavors and names nostalgic shout outs for Mexican-Americans, they use glitter to make their donuts very Instagram worthy.

Donut fans are in for a treat at Latino donut shop Donas. You can try horchata or mole donuts or take a bite out of a Selena-inspired dessert.

Owners Ashley and David Vazquez, along with Ashley’s younger sister Amber Bobadilla, have been able to turn a profit bringing the flavors they grew up eating to a wider sweet-toothed audience.

The sister duo and brother-in-law started churro and coffee shop Horchateria Rio Luna in 2016 and launched Donas in October last year.

“We want to show people, look, this is our culture and these are our flavors and what our people have to offer,” Bobadilla said.

When David asked Bobadilla if she wanted to help in turning his idea of opening a donut shop into a brick-and-mortar reality, she was all in.

“It’s beautiful and delicious,” Bobadilla said.

The name is a play on how all of our parents and grandparents say donuts.

“Everyone who speaks Spanish knows it,” Bobadilla said, adding that the Latino, Spanish-speaking community finds the name funny.

Besides the name, everything from the decor to the flavor concepts is all Bobadilla.

With no prior baking experience, she hired a baker to bring her donut creations to life. The results included fresh takes on childhood treats such as the paleta payaso donut, made with marshmallows and chocolate.

Bobadilla knew the she wanted to put glitter on a donut. Of course, once she found the sparkling purple edible glitter, she couldn’t resist.

Bobadilla just knew that she had found the special ingredient to create her Bidi Bidi Bom Bom donut. Plus, it makes for great photos.

Agua de horchata, crushed mazapan and coconut flakes are nestled next to strawberries, raisins and oats all help create the various Mexican concoctions.

She describes it as taking “flavors that transport you to your childhood and put it into a donut.”

One of the fan favorites is a donut she envisioned while watching her favorite guilty pleasure TV show and eating chicharrón (fried pork rinds.)

Bobadilla originally brought the idea to her family but was told it would be “gross.” She pushed the initial skepticism aside and said she believed it was going to work, and Donas customers agreed. It is one of the shop’s best selling donuts, according to Bobadilla.

Bobadilla’s resolve has been integral as an entrepreneur. She and her sister tried out various businesses landing on Horchateria and Donas.

“Donas is still a work-in-progress now. We want it to look amazing and be Instagram-worthy. ” And people are definitely coming in for those Insta Stories and #foodie finds.

Bobadilla also specially crafted the interior of her donut shop to enhance the experience for donut lovers.

She said she wanted the pastels to help make the shop stand out and be cute. The team is still experimenting with design, including painting an ice cream mural on its outer walls.

But the most important thing for Bobadilla is to inspire her community.

“The bigger mission is showing people from our communities, when you really put your mind to it and have a passion, [this is] what can come.”

Donas’ donuts range from $2.50 to $5.00 for specialty donuts and is located at 8636 Imperial Hwy in Downey, California.

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Mexican Bath Bombs And Body Scrubs You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life


Mexican Bath Bombs And Body Scrubs You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

@loquitabathandbody / Instagram

Entrepreneur Mira Vanegas is taking bath bombs and body scrubs to a whole new level. Her line Loquita Bath and Body is giving us life with its deliciously scented products in never-before-smelled scents of concha and mazapan. But she’s not stopping there…

Cupcake bath bombs are super cute, but Mira Vanegas wanted something that spoke to her so she came up with her own line, Loquita Bath and Body.

Because what better than a concha?

“I see so many bath and body brands that are catering to a certain type of people, and while I think they’re cool, it didn’t really speak to me. I wanted to make a line inspired by familiarity and nostalgia,” Vanegas told mitú.

But a concha bath bomb wasn’t enough for her fans… So she came out with a concha sugar scrub. Yuuuuum!

“Well, I started small and had to scale big really quickly when I noticed that people were interested,” Vanegas told mitú. “It’s been a lot of early mornings to a lot of late nights, and even a few all-nighters. But if I have to hustle from sun up to sun down, then so be it.”

After the huge response she got from the sugar scrub, she launched new scents in cafecito, tri-sabor and FLAN.


*Drooling profusely*

“I love the response I have gotten,” Vanegas told mitú. “I love to hear people tell me ‘wow I opened my box and it smelled like a panadería!’ I also love seeing it go from an idea to something tangible.”

Check out how she makes her products straight from scratch:

Te Verde scrub

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And she’s always working on new products. So, what will be next?…

put in your request down below for the next line up ? no guarantees just putting out my feelers

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“I have some novela-inspired things in the works and even things inspired by songs,” Vanegas told mitú. “I am also working on something for all my greñudas out there and all the ladies who love to andar de pelo suelto!” We can’t wait!

And if you have any ideas that you would love Loquita Bath and Body to bring to life, send in your requests through Instagram, or her website:

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