Christina Aguilera’s Impressions Of Iconic Singers Are Epic AF

Credit: The Ellen Degeneres Show / EllenTube / Lord Dew / YouTube

Who knew Christina Aguilera had such range?

Christina Aguilera got down with Ellen Degeneres on “The Ellen Show.” She was there to talk about “The Voice” and everything that’s going on in her personal life, you know the uge, but it wasn’t until Degeneres busted out her iPad and the two started to play Head’s Up that they captured our full attention. Because Xtina slayyyyed all her impressions.

The category: female singers. Predictable? Maybe, but so good. The Ecuadorian-American singer did not hold back giving the audience and us so much life when she belted out Whitney Houston for the first clue. I-CON-IC! But Houston is not the only female singer she impersonated on “The Ellen Show.” Check out the video to hear her takes on Adele (brilliant), Katy Perry (totes throwback), Madonna (memories) and so many more.

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