Cholas Talk Sperm Switch

“That looks like one of those on/offs for the wall!”

Cholas debate the pros and cons of the controversial new, male birth control called the ‘sperm switch.’ Basically, it would allow guys to flick a switch to control the flow of sperm. [Spoiler Alert] These gals think it’s risky considering dudes can’t even be trusted to remember to take the trash out…

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What do you think of the sperm switch?

Why Wraps Are Just White Burritos

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Why Wraps Are Just White Burritos


Wraps are supposed to be the healthier option, but they’re really just an improperly made burrito that has no business being called anything else. If you roll a bunch of stuff up in a tortilla, just call it a damn burrito.

It’s time to end the debate and prove once and for all that wraps are nothing more than burritos in boring and pricey disguises.

Credit: mitú

Because WTF is a pita doing being wrapped around food.

Let’s take a closer look at these so-called “wraps.”

To call them anything but a lazy burrito is insulting to burritos everywhere.

You can get your wrap “grilled” if you want to be adventurous.

Or, like we call it, pressed…like most burritos.

That thing holding all the filling in your wrap is nothing more than an offensive imitation of a tortilla.

You tried tomato wrap, you tried.

“But wraps are a healthier option to the burrito.”

False! Just because it has a different name, it doesn’t make it any healthier.

Don’t try to trick us with non-traditional fillings.

Instead of Thai chicken wrap, you could just call it a Thai/Mexican fusion burrito knockoff.

Wraps have an open end because…


The person who “invented” the wrap probably just failed at rolling a burrito, like this.

Credit: @call.me.bubba / Instagram

…And tried to pass it off as something else. Sad.

If you have meat, cheese, greens and veggies rolled in a tortilla and it looks like this, it’s most likely NOT a wrap.

It’s called a burrito. Boorree-taw, repeat it just like that.

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