Child Treats Latina Nanny Like Dirt in Public, these Adults Won’t Have It


Credit: ABC / mrduckbears24 / YouTube

Super Market Madness

What happens when you have petulant child, vile mother and a nanny just trying to do her best grocery shopping? You get good-hearted people that speak up, that’s what. As mother and daughter hurl shockingly horrid comments like,”Quit being moronic and start thinking,” “Where’s the list nanny?” and “You can’t hire good people these days” in the middle of a crowded store, bystanders defend the nanny (whom you may recognize her from OITNB) by offering a comforting word and a helping hand.  ???

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Get Down with Your Brown Self

Things That Matter

Get Down with Your Brown Self

Credit: Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez

“It became more obvious to me that I was not pretty.” That’s what self-proclaimed mujerista, Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez, shares in her blog post for the Huffington Post, “Growing up as a Brown Girl: Aesthetics.”

This Managua-born’s post is laden with ‘Me too!’ types of sentiments. Like watching TV with abuelita, we also noticed the protagonists of telenovelas such as Carita de Angel and Juego de la Vida all looked the same with light skin and colored eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.42.50 PM
CREDIT: MsJoanna19/Televisa/YouTube

Rodriguez didn’t love her hairy knuckles, wider-set nose or eyebrows that “have their own personality and thicker than any one I know.” Did we like ours?

Her comment about relating to Pocahontas and Jasmine because they were the only brown-skin princesses is #onpoint.


She explores what it means to grow up brown in a society that praises conventionally European aesthetics and beauty, finally coming to a triumphant realization, “My brownness is beautiful, and not like those Latina actresses I saw on TV who were pretty and brown. I am beautiful because I am brown.” #PreachGirl

Read her entire post here.

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