These Mexicanas React To Trump With More Class Than He Ever Had

Credit: Netflix / Chelsea / YouTube

We’re so proud of these young ladies.

Chelsea Handler is at it again, but this time she made her way down to Mexico to talk to Mexicans about that reality star-turned-presidential hopeful. Handler spoke with three teenagers in Aguascalientes, Mexico about their feelings toward Trump and the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. With grace and elegance, the girls talked about how everyone is the same and that no matter the cultures or traditions, we’re all people. Well said, girls. The girls even talked about needing a visa to go the U.S. and how Americans are free to travel to Mexico. Theses are teenage girls trying to figure out the world around them and now, they’re growing up hearing Trump spew his hateful rhetoric about Mexicans like it is a common thought among Americans. Luckily the girls are smarter than that, and they know not all Americans hate Mexicans.

“I don’t think all Americans are like Donald Trump,” one of the teenagers said before destroying a Trump piñata.

There were no holdouts as Mexicans of all ages took their turn destroying the Trump effigy. Basically, Trump is not very welcome in Mexico and some of the friendliest people in the world would probably look the other way if he is in trouble. But, can you blame them?

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