Some Of These Celebrities Had Such A Painful Awkward Past… But They Give Us Hope

This gives us hope for the future.

Michelle Rodriguez

Selena Gomez

Credit: stealbikesandgame / Tumblr

This has to be one of the most meme-able photos of all time. There’s no better photo to represent a painful, awkward moment, than this. Selena, thank you.

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Lopez


Gael Garcia Bernal

Gloria Trevi

Naya Rivera

Credit: nayarivera.com

This was basically all of us during our teen years; the branded purse, the shiny top that looked like a nightgown and the chandelier earrings. And correct us if we’re wrong, but we’re pretty sure that mole didn’t make it to William McKinley High.

Demi Lovato


Credit: @izall_good / Instagram

If there’s anything we can learn about photo, it’s pay attention to lighting and angles because pictures last a lifetime.

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