Some Of These Celebrities Had Such A Painful Awkward Past… But They Give Us Hope

Credit: stealbikesandgame / tumblr

This gives us hope for the future.

Michelle Rodriguez

Throwback Thursday 10 yrs ago Hawaii I miss paradise time to revisit soon… Hang with some wild dolphins and turtles

A photo posted by Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) on

This is not sexy at all. What the hell happened here? So many questions. Did she fall? Does she not own a swimsuit? Why didn’t anyone help her up? Who’s washing her clothes after this? Because why would anyone get in the water with jeans?

Selena Gomez


Credit: stealbikesandgame / Tumblr

This has to be one of the most meme-able photos of all time. There’s no better photo to represent a painful, awkward moment, than this. Selena, thank you.

Eva Longoria


If berets weren’t awkward enough, throw in some velvet on it and make sure it’s baby blue.

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Jennifer Lopez

Run, J.Lo, run! It’s slightly comforting to know that no one looks good in track gear or running. All you Instagram models, we’re talking to you.


Gael Garcia Bernal

#lacienciadelsueño #gaelgarciabernal

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When he played a Furby.

Gloria Trevi

#Adiós #EnFamiliaConChabelo imagen del recuerdo. #Chabelo #GloriaTrevi @gloriatrevi

A photo posted by Gloria Trevi (@mundo_trevi) on

This was her signature look, el del pelo suelto, but it just looks like she was on her fifth day of dry shampoo.

Naya Rivera


Credit: nayarivera.com

This was basically all of us during our teen years; the branded purse, the shiny top that looked like a nightgown and the chandelier earrings. And correct us if we’re wrong, but we’re pretty sure that mole didn’t make it to William McKinley High.

Demi Lovato

#pootlovato Is it just me or whenever I see this picture I literally #LMAO ????????

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Credit: @izall_good / Instagram

If there’s anything we can learn about photo, it’s pay attention to lighting and angles because pictures last a lifetime.

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