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El Chapo’s Daughter Is Using His Name And Face to Launch A Beer Brand After She Launched A Fashion Line


El Chapo’s Daughter Is Using His Name And Face to Launch A Beer Brand After She Launched A Fashion Line

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It seems like everybody today is trying to get in on the alcohol business. Whether it’s The Rock with a new tequila brand or Ryan Reynolds buying a gin company, it seems to be all the rage right now that even “El Chapo” is getting his own line of beers. 

Say hello to the “El Chapo 701” brand run by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s daughter Alejandrina Guzman Salazar, who also is behind a fashion and lifestyle company built around her jailed father’s brand. The new line of beer, called El Chapo Mexican Lager, was unveiled for the first time to the public on Jan. 14 at a fashion trade show in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

“It hasn’t been released for sale to the public yet. I just brought some to display,” spokeswoman Adriana Ituarte told AFP, as the beer line is currently still waiting on government approval to sell beer in Mexico. The alcohol displayed at the trade showed brown, black and white labeled craft beer bottles with the Sinaloa cartel leader’s infamous mustache face adorned on them. 

Alejandrina Guzman Salazar’s company is banking on the idea that people will want to buy craft beer, labeled and named after her infamous father, at bars and markets in Mexico. 

Beer lovers won’t have to break the bank either when it comes to purchasing the new line of beer which comes in at 70.10 pesos, or about $3.73, for a 355 ml bottle. There is also the name of the brand, “El Chapo 701” which has an interesting meaning behind it. The “701” is a reference to El Chapo’s place on the 2009 list of the world’s richest persons from Forbes magazine (estimated at $1 billion). 

The “El Chapo” beer is expected to have a large fan base due to the notoriety of the imprisoned drug cartel leader and a growing market for collectible celebrity alcoholic beverages like these. The company is hoping that, besides just the name and branding of the beer, fans will actually enjoy the drink and keep coming back to it.

“I don’t know if we take the label off and the beer is good if it’s going to sell,’  Ituarte told the Daily Mail. “But obviously the brand gives the plus of sale, we continue with the idea that we are selling and as long as the product is good, people buy it and like it.”

Ituarte said at the trade show that the product will be sold at bars throughout Mexico that also sell stock craft beer, a market that has flourished in Mexico City in recent years due to the growth of microbreweries. The lager was produced by La Chingonería, a Mexico City-based brewery company. 

“This is an artisanal beer, with 4 percent alcohol. This prototype is a lager, and it’s made up of malt, rice, and honey so it’s good,” Ituarte told Daily Mail. “And the idea is for it to be sold at bars that stock craft beer.”

This is not the first time that “El Chapo” has seen his name being cashed in on by his family. There has been a clothing and accessories line made in tribute of Guzman.

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Salazar’s company has already cashed in on her father’s name with a line of T items such as t-shirts, belts, purses, and jackets all adorned with imagery of Guzman and the 701 logo. The brand has been quite successful in under a year of going public which shows the power of “El Chapo’s” name. 

Salazar isn’t the only one getting in on the drug lord’s name. Last March Guzmán’s wife, Emma Coronel, launched a fashion and leisurewear line, licensed by her husband. “I’m very excited to start this project, which was based on ideas and concepts that my husband and I had years ago,” Coronel told CNN in a statement at the time of the launch. “It is a project dedicated to our daughters.”

These dedicated “El Chapo” brands show the notoriety and the power of his name when it comes to marketing. If this new beer line is anything like the clothing and accessories already released under his name, there is sure to be a market for this too. 

Guzman is currently serving a life sentence at a supermax prison in Colorado after being convicted on drug trafficking and weapons charges in 2019. El Chapo was forced to forfeit $12.6 billion as part of his punishment.

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This Woman Just Duped Kim Kardashian’s Cozy Skims With A $25 Blanket From Walmart


This Woman Just Duped Kim Kardashian’s Cozy Skims With A $25 Blanket From Walmart

Kheumani Stevenson / Youtube

This Vlogger Came Up With A Genius Hack To Get You Kim Kardashian’s Kim K dropped a collection of super-soft cozy-pajamas. But the fuzzy separates are pretty expensive. Just one part of the tank, shorts and cardigan co-ord, will set you back $52. Skim customers have to pay more than $200 for the three pieces! So it wasn’t late until one smart and resourceful woman shared her own DIY version of the outfit and set twitter on fire. 

This vlogger came up with a hack to get Kim K’s Cozies for less

Instagram @kheumani

“Word on the street is that Kim K’s charging like $250+ for this whole fit,” Kheumani Stevenson said in her now viral video, “that we just made for $25” she added. Stevenson got crafty with a $25 plush blanket from, none other than trusty old Walmart. The blanket looks just as soft as the Skims knit fabric tbh.

Kheumani shared the recipe for her masterpiece on YouTube.

Stevenson created her own three-piece pj set and shared a step-by-step tutorial on her YouTube for all of us broke mortals to try it out. 

“You’re welcome.”


“I heard Kim K charging $250+ for this set & I just made it for $25 out of a blanket I got from Walmart. You’re welcome,” Stevenson wrote in a tweet that’s now been retweeted more than 55 thousand times. The crafty influencer created her own version of the Bone tank, pants, and robe that look just as soft as the original, and all for only $25. 

Stevenson says the set reminded her of a blanket.

Instagram @kheumani

In an interview with Insider, Stevenson shared part of her process and her Eureka moment. “The Skims pajama set reminded me of a cozy blanket, so I knew that would be the best material alternative.” 

Kheumani Stevenson is a college student and influencer who frequently shares fashion and beauty videos on YouTube

As a self-taught seamstress, she knew that sewing the pajamas could be easy enough for others to re-create, she said.

Stevensons is a Kardashian fan, but the set was priced too high.


Though Stevenson browsed the Skims site and looked at its numerous loungewear pieces, she was inspired by the brand’s new Cozy Collection, which she described as “very cute and creative.” In particular, she was drawn to the brand’s $52 knit tank, $88 knit pants, and $128 knit robe. She could see herself wearing them…but dropping that kind of money? Not really.

She didn’t love the price point of each piece and quickly noticed that other Twitter users felt the same. 

This motivated her to “re-create the look for a cheaper price,” she said, as she set out to find an inexpensive material that matched the soft fabric of the Skims pajamas. Though it might seem complicated to actually make a pajama set and robe from scratch, Stevenson proved that it can actually be quite simple. To make things even easier, she used clothes she already owned as a template to be sure her new pajamas would fit.

People loved her DIY


“I used a crop top, pajama pants, and a robe from my closet,” Stevenson said. “Using as many existing supplies as possible helps to reduce the cost of the re-creation.” “It’s very warm, cozy, and perfect for the cooler weather,” Stevenson said of her pajama set.

The influencer’s post about the Skims hack has gone viral.

Stevenson’s tweet about her pajamas has more than 373,500 likes, retweets, and replies, and her Instagram post about the project has more than 12,000 likes.

She’s inspired some people to re-create the pjs themselves.

@Kheumani made Kim’s new clothing line out of a $25 Walmart blanket so i took inspo & designed my own lil fuzzy set” wrote another Twitter user alongside photos of her own take on the cozy set. 

This isn’t Stevenson’s first DIY.

“I’ve been upcycling sleeping bags, blankets, and old clothes for a few years now,” Stevenson told Insider. “But after I made this pajama set, I definitely received the most compliments, comments, and inquiries.

Her followers even want to buy the set from her.

“A lot of people said they want to re-create the look, but I receive more inquiries about buying a set from me!” she continued. “I got an overwhelming amount of messages and tweets. I’m so grateful and excited.”

But Stevenson wants other people to create their own clothes

Though the influencer has yet to hear from Skims or Kardashian West herself, Stevenson said she still loves “Kim K., her products, and what she represents in the fashion industry.”