Can a Girl Enjoy Her Banana?

Credit: TheeKatsMeoww / YouTube

What He Thinks When You Eat a Banana vs. Real Life

Why is it that women are always self conscious about eating certain foods in public? You know, bananas, popsicles, hot dogs – basically anything that resembles a penis. Because men imagine she’s eating his peen. But WTF? Women don’t look at men when they’re eating a taco or cheeseburger and think mmmm, he eats it so good. Never. Guys need to get a clue: no woman is thinking about you when eating a popsicle. Women eat popsicles because it’s friggin hot and hot dogs because… she’s hungry, duh. To put into perspective how creepy and clueless men are about the subject, check out the 1:30 mark to see how many creepers stare at Kat when she eats a chocolate Magnum in public.

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