Burning Questions We Have for Walter Mercado About 2016

There are so many things we need to know about 2016 and there’s only one man who can give us the answers.

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Yep, that’s our man and here’s what we want to know…

Where the hell is El Chapo hiding?

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The biggest mystery of 2015 carries over into 2016.

What are our parents going to do Saturday nights now that Sábado Gigante is no more?

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We’re panicking for them.

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Will we find out what’s really on Trump’s head?

Bird's nest 2016

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Or it could be pelos de elote or broom sticks. The options are endless.

Will we find out how Vicks is so potent and magical?

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We need to know the secret.

Is Selena going to finally get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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Because literally everyone has one, BUT her.

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Will J.Lo marry again?

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She’s still hopeful and we want to see her live her fairytale once again… For the fourth time.

Will Thalía return to telenovelas?


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Let us relive that magic once again ?!

Will there be a Rebelde reunion?

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They keep teasing us!

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Will a Latina win on The Bachelor?

On our way to see the Mayan ruins ?

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Disclaimer: She’s not a contestant. But should be.

Will Selena Gomez ever forgive Justin?


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Our educated guess is… No.

Will this Lay’s flavor become a reality?

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Please say yes!

What questions do you have about 2016? Let us know an don’t forget to share!

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These 2016 Clapbacks Prove That Nobody Was Safe From Some Latino Shade


These 2016 Clapbacks Prove That Nobody Was Safe From Some Latino Shade

There’s no question that 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people. All the ups and downs on personal, national and global levels were all people on social media could talk about. As we gear up for 2017, we need to make sure that we take a stand for ourselves and our communities. Here are some of the greatest clapbacks of 2016 to give you a little bit of inspiration.

America Ferrera did not hold back when she called out a white male reporter who thought she was going to struggle with choosing between a Latino and woman for president.

Revelist / YouTube

Ferrera was talking to Gloria Steinem about being a Latina at the 2016 Makers Conference and she shared a story of an interview she had recently sat through. During the interview, the reporter, who is male and white, asked Ferrera how she was going to decide who to vote for since there were both Latinos and women running for president. Ferrera said it was almost as if she had to make a choice as to what part of her identity to agree with. She really shut him down.

Ferrera also teamed up with Eva Longoria to call out the Golden Globes on confusing her for Gina Rodriguez.

Entertainment Tonight / YouTube

Probably because we don’t all look alike. Just saying.

Who can forget when this 12-year-old Mexican boy took on the anti-vaxxers.

Marco Arturo / Facebook

Marco Arturo set Facebook on fire when he made a video talking about the anti-vaxxer campaign. During the video, little Marco shows a folder filled with proof that vaccines caused autism… but when he opened the folder, every page was blank. #SAVAGE

These sisters who expertly trolled the Trump family.

The two Cuban-American sisters went to a Trump event in North Carolina and, since they were both Hillary Clinton supporters, wanted to protest the event. They had no idea that Trump’s son, Erik, would think that their shirts were pro-Trump shirt. So, of course they were going to take a photo with him to get the message out.

That time that Dascha Polanco educated Charlamagne Tha God on the definition of “Afro-Latina.”

Charlamagne Tha God was chatting with Polanco during an episode of “The Breakfast Club” when the topic of Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone came up. Everyone agreed that it would have been better to have an African-American playing the role and that’s when the “are Dominicans black” topic came up. Polanco said she considers herself Afro-Latina and Charlamagne expressed some confusion. So, Polanco kindly explained that just because you are Latino doesn’t mean you can’t also be black.

Literally any time Ana Navarro opened her mouth about Donald Trump.

CNN / Sarah Burris / YouTube

Since the day Trump announced his candidacy, Republican strategist Ana Navarro has been quick to call him out. Her tone and mood about Trump never wavered during the campaign and ultimately culminated in Navarro releasing a video explaining why she voted for Hillary Clinton instead.

The Internet was alive when this guy dragged his racist dentist to hell and back.

Erick Parra / mitú

Guillermo Camarillo was pretty excited that he was accepted to several universities. During a routine visit to the dentist, Camarillo exchanged a little small talk with his dentist about his college prospects. He was told by the dentist that, frankly, Camarillo should feel lucky to have gotten into the schools because his daughter was not accepted to some of the same universities. The dentist even made mention of Camarillo’s background as “helping him” to get into the schools. Because, you know, Latinxs only get admitted to colleges because of quotas, not their brains.

Maria Hinojosa came through when a Trump surrogate started throwing the word “illegal” around.


As the election was approaching, Maria Hinojosa was making the rounds on some networks talking about, well, Trump. During one encounter with a Trump surrogate, she went off because he insisted on calling undocumented immigrants “illegal.” She kindly corrected him and quoted Elie Wiesel to make her point about why you can’t call people “illegal.”

This Twitter user was quick to put Mike Pence in his place when he complained about #ThatMexicanThing.

This was during the vice president debate when Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, mentioned that Trump was dehumanizing Mexicans. The only thing Mike Pence could use as a reply was how he just keeps bringing up “that Mexican thing.” Twitter was quick to respond.

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My New Motivation: Watching These Stars Fall Mid-Performance And Pick Themselves Up Again


My New Motivation: Watching These Stars Fall Mid-Performance And Pick Themselves Up Again

These 2016 concert fails will make you laugh and cringe at the same time.

You’ll catch J.Lo slipping while running across the stage and Selena Gomez laughing at herself after she loses her balance and falls on stage. If you thought it couldn’t get worse, Demi Lovato’s voice cracks in the middle of a song and Mariah Carey gets hit by a huge object on stage. But none of that stopped these fab stars from getting back up and continuing with the show. That should serve as motivation for all of us in 2017. ????

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