F* Your Machismo, These Women Take Back Womanhood

Anti-Harassment Carnaval“Brazil is a very macho country, and harassment is what stops women from being free.”

This Carnaval group is fighting sexism in the streets of Rio.

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, February 12, 2016

In Brazil, 70 percent of men think women love being whistled at on the street. The group Mulheres Rodadas, aka The Women Who Sleep Around, want to make sure men know they’re wrong.  They are working to change men’s perspective and stop with the harassment and slut-shaming once and for all.

So during Rio Carnaval 2016, this group of women dressed in all their glittery glory took to the streets to denounce this machismo. “Brazil is a very macho country and harassment is what stops women from being free,” said Débora Thomé, member of Mulheres Rodadas.

She also told VICE News, “People say that in Brazil women dress how they want, so how can you want more freedom? But we say that’s how men want women to behave. A woman can dress however she wants, but she then becomes a victim of violence because of it.”

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Patricia Santos, another member of the group, said “The more sexist you are, the more we’ll sleep around and the more voice we’ll have. We’re here to keep shouting.” You tell ‘em!

Because, as member Renata Rodrigues says, men need to learn that “the female body, our sensuality should also be celebrated. We are on the streets for that, but that shouldn’t give anyone the right to touch you or to tell you something that you don’t want to hear.” #truth

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