Bon Qui Qui’s New Homegirl Saccurity Will Remind You Of Your Mom

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Posted by MADtv on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Saccurity! This iconic character is back again.

MADTv is getting their much anticipated reboot on The CW and as part of the big celebration, the comedy sketch show brought back a fan favorite: Bon Qui Qui. Leading up to her grand appearance, we all got a little tease of what is to come and let’s just say her character has definitely gotten in touch with her roots. Mainly, Bon Qui Qui and her Homegirl Saccurity company wants to make sure that manners matter. Just like mami, she is willing to cut, slice and track down anybody that crosses you. Interrupted phone call? Rude. No “thank you” for doing someone a favor? Rude. And let’s not even get started on what she is willing to do if someone cuts you off in traffic risking your precious little life. Don’t worry. Bon Qui Qui hasn’t forgotten where she came from despite being a famous recording artist. She made it a point to drop by King Burger to give some love to her biggest fan and cashier successor.

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