Racism Takes A Backseat In Mexico…Finally

It’s difficult to understand that Mexico just recently recognized black people as legitimate Mexicans. Yes, Latinos can be black, too. And black Mexicans have been around since the Spanish brought them over as slaves, literally centuries ago.

Nevertheless, it’s a big step forward because, as Dallas Rico, a teacher and a black Latino says, “As long as society doesn’t acknowledge us, we will continue to be invisible.”

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To recognize that Latinos can also be black is the same as recognizing that Latinos can be blond with blue eyes. This validation is incredibly important in order to minimize prejudices within our own Latino community since there are “Afro-Peruvians, Afro-Columbians, Afro-Panamanians and other Afro-(insert name of Latin American country here)”, Rico says.  It’s called diversity, guys.

Read more about Dallas Rico’s experience as an Afro-Latino from the Huffington Post here and here.

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