Snapchat Filters Are Just Some Of The Things Latinos With Big Lips Cant Do

Big lips are a blessing and a curse. Okay, most of the time they’re a curse. People just don’t understand all the damn upkeep they take. Like, they don’t stay soft and beautiful on their own. They might be small problems but they add up.

You just can’t seem to fit into those Snapchat filters.

Cold spoons can spell disaster for your lips. And you probably bite them at least once every meal.

Then they swell which only makes them bigger.

You have to choose between being mad and oxygen.

Tbh, we pick being mad anyway. If we pass out, just another reason to be pissed.

Straws can be our worst enemy.

There’s a reason you don’t see Latinos lining up at the milkshake stands.

You leave lipstick on everything.

Even on your chin.

Then you’re stuck reapplying all. damn. day.

Admit it, you spend more money on these than you do food…and that’s saying something.

If you forget your lip balm at home just one day, you can expect this.

And it suuuuuuucks.

Your lips get caught in the weirdest places.


Even the car door. True story.

For some reason, people either hate…

Credit: iluvsarahii / Snapchat

Or think this is a totally appropriate “compliment.”


And where are yours? ??

But, on the days they work in your favor, you totally feel yourself.

As you should, because even though they can be a pain in the culo, you know those lips are everything that people spend money to create.

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