Moments You Know are Too Real If You Were Raised By Abuelita

If you were lucky enough to grow up with abuelita in your house, you know that life couldn’t get any sweeter.

She taught you the importance of blending music and cleaning.

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Even though she always did the cleaning and wouldn’t let you do so much as wash a dish.

That said, made sure you knew how to dance.

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After all, how is she going to have nietos if you can’t bust the moves to attract your future esposa?

You were always her princesa no matter what.

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And she always let you know that you could do anything you wanted with a little persistence.

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Every day was Christmas when you lived with abuelita.

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Like, literally, every day was just another excuse to spoil you rotten with things you didn’t even know you needed.

And you loved when she shook your hand.

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Because you know it came with extra cashflow.

Abuelita would never let mami or papi lay on finger on you.

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She may have been a disciplinarian when she was a mother, but becoming a grandmother brings out her softer side.

No one encouraged you to chase your passions more than abuelita.

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Me: Mami, yo quiero ser un pintor!

Mami: Ya, mijo. Go study to be a doctor.

Abuelita (on the sly): Mira, hay pintura en mi cuarto. No le digas a tu mamá.

Me: ?Did you ever know that you’re my hero.?

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She was never shy about telling you how beautiful you were.

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Even during your questionable-semi-goth-but-you-still-loved-pink phase.

She taught you how to raise the bar when it came to men.

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Never settle.

Every meal tasted like it came straight from your favorite restaurant.

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Only packed with love.

And she never skipped dessert, which was always divine.

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Dulce de leche, flan, arroz con leche…the possibilities were endless.

And she always pushed you to eat more.

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It was never just one more bite.

When you were feeling down, abuelita was always there to pamper you.

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Abuelita: Ya, mijita. No llores. Eres mi cielo.

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And after a long day at work or school, you could always count on abuelita to give the best hug in the world.

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In fact, I could go for one right now.

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