Being Broke in College Is Bad

You Know You’re Broke in College When…

“You Can’t Be Thaaaat Broke.”

If you’re a broke-ass, college student, chances are you’ve done some sketchy stuff to save cash. Stuff like: eating top ramen every morning, hitting up friends for gas money and wearing the same smelly clothes over and over. And there’s no time for work with 18 units a semester. But there is a way out. David Alvareeezy, and his blue-eyed friend Jorgie, share a secret to get you an upgrade from the 99 Cents Only Store to Dollar Tree. Hello, FAFSA.

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Here's How Chicharito Silenced His Haters


Here’s How Chicharito Silenced His Haters

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty

It’s been a rough 2015 for Javier Hernandez. After a surprising move from Manchester United to Spanish fútbol giants Real Madrid, Hernandez spent the last four months mostly riding the bench. But Chicharito’s game-winning goal during Real’s Champions League match versus bitter rivals Atlético Madrid gave him a taste of redemption.

Before his game-winning goal, the “Little Pea” was the butt of joke after joke on social media.



Chicharito’s new girlfriend became a bigger story than his performances for Real:

With Real Madrid beset by injuries, Chicharito was given a starting spot in an important match – the second leg of the Champions League semifinal versus Atlético Madrid. Would Chicharito prove the doubters wrong?

The Pressure Was On

When Chicharito Was Announced as a Starter, Doubters Were Out in Force

But So Were the Believers

During the Match, Chicharito Was Taking a Beating



And Had Some Chances to Score


But It Looked Like It Wasn’t Going to Be His Day


Until the Dying Moments of the Match


In the 87th minute, Chicharito put Real Madrid up 1-0.



That celebration is equal parts joy and relief.

Some Fans Instantly Changed Their Minds

While the Bernabeu Stadium Erupted in a Chicharito Chant


As He Rested on the Bench, Chicharito Was Emotional


He finally got to play, helped his team win and he quieted his haters. Not bad for a day’s work.

The Chicharito “Hero” Memes Were Unleashed

Even Chicharito’s Former Teammates Congratulated Him

And Although Chicharito Remained Humble in his Comments to the Media, He Was Probably Thinking:


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