This Latina Just Modernized The Most Iconic Frida Kahlo Portraits

Becky G just gave Frida Kahlo’s iconic looks a modern twist and proved once again that our beauty transcends generations.

Frida Look #1

Frida on Bench, 1939.

Photographed by Nickolas Muray.

Becky G’s Version

Becky G totally owned this look by adding a hint of chola with the flannel and a bandana instead of a floral crown.

Frida Kahlo Look #2

Self-potrait with Monkeys, 1943.

Becky G Version

We’d like to call this, “Portrait with Chihuahua.” Becky G is embracing Latina beauty by serving us strong brows, trenzas and a dark lip. Can we bow down to her makeup? No but seriously girl, give us a tutorial.

Frida Kahlo Look #3

Self-portrait, 1948.

Becky G Version

The fashion is on point, the beauty, the culture. Look too fast and you’ll miss all that Tapatío in the stashed in the background. We want to know if this is how she goes dressed to her local grocery store because if she does, yes girl slay.

Frida Kahlo Look #4

Frida in New York, 1946.

Photographed by Nickolas Muray.

Becky G Version

Damn right she recreated it, and we love everything about it.

What’s your favorite Becky G / Frida Kahlo look?

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