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If You Love Mexican Candy, This Yogurtland-Like Place Is Heaven

Credit: @suyetfuentes / Instagram

You’ve heard of frozen yogurt, but get ready because your wildest fantasy is about to become a reality.

Credit: Arma Tu Loco / Epicurious

WARNING: we are not responsible to any damage done to electronics due to excessive drooling.

Don’t get it wrong, we have nothing against fruit, but once you cover it in chile powder, things go to another level.

Credit: Arma Tu Loco / Cafejonsonia

Places like Arma Tu Loco prove, once again, that Mexican tostiloco bars do snacks the right way. Here you can pick drool-worthy, jaw breaking toppings that make gastritis totally worth it.

Need your crunch fix? They’ve got you covered.

El chicharrón mutante #llenatuloko buenísimo!

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There’s nothing wrong with duritos, but when these places take a crack at it, something magical, poetic, almost beautiful happens.

And literally anything else you crave.

Work. | #LlenaTuLoko ???

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Told you. Your craziest fantasies fulfilled.

Everything, from sweet to spicy.

Quiero un Llena tu Loko!! O ya pasó de moda? ??? #llenatuloko #candy #colors #marissajbphoto #golosos

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Here’s a friendly reminder to clean the drool from the corners of your mouth.

Why would you do a chocolate covered strawberry when you can do this?

#llenatuloko #plazaregia #FresaLoka #delicia #productosnuevos

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Chocolate covered strawberries are an aphrodisiac, but chile covered strawberries are a passionate fuego. Literally, fuego ?.

These places are LIT.

Credit: @anacarolinadg / Instagram

Instead of damaging my liver, I’m damaging my stomach.

You have the option of choosing big or small because size DOES matter.

Puro revoltijo ???. #llenatuloco

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Let’s be real, bigger is always better.

When you can’t choose between fruta con chamoy or papitas, get both.

#CrazyCup #LlenaTuLoco ???

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This is a piece of art and you’re the artist.

And that popote de tamarindo, perfect for drinking all the leftover limón y chile.

A morir de gastritis #llenaTuLoco #instapic #instamoment #instadaily #instamood

A photo posted by Gonzalo Solis Lopez (@gonzalosolislo) on

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It burns so good.

And one with paletas FTW ??.

Lo mejor ❤️ #LlenaTuLoco #chamoy #gordo

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Credit: @angelreynoso28 / Instagram

You can cool down and still have some heat. It’s the perfect balance.

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Please tell us this is a michelada.

Credit: @mayrallende / Instagram

Like they said, jugo en la gastritis.

It’s a tropical dream come true.

Gracias a mi cuñado favorito.?? #yesterday #llenatuloko

A photo posted by Zeltzin Zitlalapa (@oyezell) on

Credit: @oyezell / Instagram

Can’t afford to go to the islands? Not to worry, you can afford a 15 pesos cup.

And there’s nothing we love more than tacos, but combined with tostilocos… We almost can’t handle.

Credit: @chammymoy / Instagram

It’s not candy if it’s in taco form.

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Because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Pura sabrosura. ????? #llenatuloko

A photo posted by LlenaTuLokoMx (@llenatulokomx) on

Credit: @llenatulokomx / Instagram

And we don’t discriminate.

It’s everything we ever wanted and more.

Difruta de un loko desde cualquier lugar. ?? #LlenaTuLoko ?: @anabeniara

A photo posted by LlenaTuLokoMx (@llenatulokomx) on

Credit: @llenatulokomx / Instagram

These are already popping up in Texas, but we need one on every corner – ASAP.

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