B.S. Latinas Put Up With (As Told By Disney Princesses)

You know, you’re basically a Disney princess. Yes, YOU. Allow us to explain, using some truly *kisses fingertips* choice gifs:

When your family makes you have a quinceañera.

Credit: Disney / Tumblr / Yotam Perel

When a rando calls you “mami.”

Credit: Disney / Tumblr / tiduspoo

Right before your abuela says, “La pizza no es comida.”

Credit: Disney / Rebloggy

When anyone says, “But you don’t look Latina.”

Credit: Disney / PopKey

When it’s 7 a.m. and your mom’s playing “cleaning music.”

Credit: Disney / Tumblr

When your family calls you “flaca” and “gorda” in the same sentence.

Credit: Disney / MRWGifs

When your brothers are allowed to date, but you’re not.

Credit: Disney / Tumblr

When your tias remark “¿Y tu… todavía sin novio?”

Credit: Disney / Rebloggy

When you hit the Tostilocos too hard.

Credit: Disney / Wifflegif / Monkey

And when a white dude tries to tell you about his semester abroad in “knee-cah-ruh-gwa.”

Credit: Disney / Tumblr / Dopey Beauty

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