Avocado Costumes That Slayed And Others That Spoiled

Because in a world where you can be anything…be an avocado.

Not only is an avocado a brilliant costume, it’s as easy as cutting cardboard and painting that sucker up.

Pure magic.

A sliced avocado makes an unexpectedly perfect couple’s costume.


And it works on more than just people.

Oh. Em. Gee!

You can always make is “sexy” if you need that kind of attention.

Judging by not judging…

Tbh, making the costume too realistic can be unnerving.

Because half the fun in Halloween is scaring people.

It’ll finally put those green leggings to use.

Pregnant? No problem. A pregnant belly makes the perfect avocado seed.

Don’t forget to make your white cat a fried egg to really make the outfit pop.

Your costume doesn’t have to be a full body outfit.

It can be worn as a crown.

Baby? More like a mini avocado bundle of joy.

Oddly enough, the avocado does lend itself to some high fashion couture.

Best of all, cats absolutely love being avocados.

Just ask this excited kitty!

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