People Lost Their Sh*t When Aventura Announced Their Reunion Tour

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Stop EVERYTHING! Aventura announced that they are putting on a one-night concert in New York City just in time for Valentine’s Day. Aventura fans are ready for a night of bachata and… baby-making.

When the news broke, Aventura fans were like…

Un vaso de clarox pls !! ? ( snapchat ? : YosoyJayramirez )

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Emotions ran high.

And everyone’s fangirl was on full display.

Shit. Got. Cray.

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Clearly, this is the work of a higher power because these things don’t just happen.


And we have waited WAY too long for this reunion. #heisgood ?

Even your mami is so damn hyped about the Aventura reunion.

Don’t forget to include her in the plans or you will NEVER hear the end of it.

Some people are more excited than others.

Ummm…do you need a napkin or something?

Squads reunited to talk about which songs they’d be more excited to listen to.

How do you pick just one?

Old-school Aventura fans are ready to repeat history…

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And others are expecting other little miracles to come from the concert.

There is already some post-Aventura reunion planning going on.


Because there are just not enough excuses to take yourself to Toys “R” Us.

People are already dropping subtle hints to family and friends.


Excitement aside, it gets real when you realize you have a lot of saving to do to buy these tickets.

And act quick.

We feel bad for all the BFs.

Ball is in your court, dudes. Is it worth the risk? Maybe. It’s probably the best method for foreplay.

But the news is also bringing some serious heartbreak to the majority of us.


Girl, just follow me on SnapChat, Twitter, and Instagram and it’ll be like you’re there.

People are begging Aventura to consider some other concerts in other cities.


Like, really begging. Will they reconsider?

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But all true Aventura fans know that this is not a night to be missed.

And you can’t put a price on happiness and true love. #goals

Listen, Jasmine. There is no price too high for Aventura.

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This Hairdresser Uses Torches and Swords on His Clients and They’re Cool With It


This Hairdresser Uses Torches and Swords on His Clients and They’re Cool With It

Would you EVER let someone take a blowtorch to your head?




How about a couple of samurai swords?


Not so bad, right?


Well, there’s plenty of people letting this guy go to town on their hair with both torches and swords:


His name is Alberto Olmedo. He’s a hairstylist in Spain who’s been using unique techniques to get a “more precise” haircut for his clients.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.59.14 PM

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So if you’re his client, he’ll heat things up…


Make a few slices…




Here’s what they look like in action:


Yep, he’s already gotten comparisons to Edward Scissorhands…


Although his wardrobe suggests he’s also a fan of Sex Machine from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn:

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

Want to know more about Alberto Olmedo?  Watch this video:

Cutting Hair with SwordsDitch the scissors and get your hair cut with swords by the real-life Edward Scissorhands.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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