Still Think Latinos Are Only Good At Cumbias And Corridos?

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By now you’ve probably heard of “Hamilton,” the incredibly successful broadway musical created by Puerto Rican-American Lin-Manuel Miranda. The hip-hop-infused play has caught a lot of buzz, but the musical’s success has taken a whole new level. It’s now become the ninth musical to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Although it’s not common for a play to win in the drama category, but it was the play’s unique spin on American history that made it a top contender.

Miranda created the play after reading Alexander Hamilton’s biography during a break from his other broadway hit “In The Heights.” The play debuted in February 2015 and has already won 31 awards, including a Grammy. Word on the street is it will also sweep at the Tony Awards this year.

Cheers to another Latino killing it!

Read about other Pulitzer Prize winners here.

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