Apple Finally Released the Long-Awaited #TacoEmoji and Twitter is Divided

We’ve waited too damn long for the taco emoji and now that we have it, we’re getting all types of feels…

First, let’s take a moment to welcome the emoji we’ve all been waiting for. (Turn your headphones up.)

The world seems a little more vivid today.

Credit: lemon-smoke / Tumblr

Which is great because I almost ran out of things to be excited about.

Some people are super excited.

People are even suggesting how to improve this taco emoji.

Clearly, the world is hyped over the taco emoji, right?

Credit: Despicable Me / Universal Studios / leavinjustintime / Tumblr

Not so fast. Latinos took the news like this…

Credit: American Idol / FOX / americanidol / Tumblr

“Nice first draft, Apple. Come back when you have the emoji fully worked out.”

Not impressed.

Then sh*t started getting real.

And a few were ready to petition for something to tacos justice.

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The emoji’s authenticity was called into question.

As has its ethnicity…

Apple was so close, it hurts.

Credit: thesepenguinsaremadetohug / Tumblr

Like, have the employees never been to a Mexican restaurant?

Some speculated Taco Bell may have had a hand in this misstep.

In February LA Taco predicted the taco emoji to look a little like this…

Credit: lataco.com

It’s called research, Apple. ^^This is what we want. Those are tacos.

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