The Stupidest Things You Hear from Your Non-Latino Coworkers

You speak Spanish once and everyone thinks you’re Mexican.

Credit: Selena / Warner Bros / thebigtino /Tumblr

Like come on! Ever heard of Central and South America?

People freak out because we like kissing on the cheek.

Credit: rebelhippy / Tumblr

It’s called manners. That’s how our grandmother’s raised us.

You become the official company diversity officer.

 Credit: The Devil Wears Prada / 20th Century Fox / WeirdLifeWeLead / Tumblr

It’s definitely not a paying promotion.

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You become the office translator.

Credit: Glee / Fox / Miscgifs / Tumblr

What if you don’t speak Spanish? Awkward.

People say things like, “I just don’t like Mexican food, no offense!”

Credit: Friends with Benefits / Sony / Ignitetheliight / Tumblr

None taken. Didn’t feel like sharing my enchiladas anyway.

“Of course you like tequila, you’re Latina.”

Credit: Desperate Housewives / ABC / givemeimagine / Tumblr

Uh, so does the rest of the world.

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“Oh, cool, you speak Spanish? I took Spanish in high school.”

Credit: The Office / NBC / wolf-said-toe / Tumblr

Great, but please don’t practice your Spanish with me. Just don’t.

Everyone wants to introduce you to their one other Latina friend.

Credit: Fifth Harmony/Tumblr/camz-cabello

LOL. Ok, but we’ve got our own friends too.

Your coworkers think you know where all the best Latino restaurants are around your neighborhood.

Credit: yummyinmytumbly / Tumblr

Ah, just ‘cuz we’re Latino, it doesn’t mean we’re Yelp.

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Everyone pushes you to get the dancing started at the office party.

Credit: selenamariegomezask / Tumblr

Yes, we’ve got moves, but chill.

Your coworkers assume you celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  

Credit: Three Amigos/ HBO Films / Huffingtonpost / Tumblr

It’s not Mexico’s Independence Day!

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