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And This Is Why Dieting Is Physically And Mentally Impossible For Us

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Among the many New Year’s resolutions people make for themselves, losing weight and eating healthy have to be the most common. But if you plan to stick to your diet, be prepared for these challenges…

Good luck. ?

Most of us fail at our diet on New Year’s Day – the very same day we planned our diet!


Yeah, your resolution was to go on a diet, but you know you were still drinking and munching after the clock struck 12. Fail.

Your diet will then continue to go downhill because of El Día De Los Reyes.


A bite of la rosca won’t hurt, right?

If you have a boyfriend or husband that spoils you, then expect to gain a few more pounds on Valentine’s Day.

The tacos are in a heart-shaped tin box. You can’t say no. ?

The more he loves you, the more calories you’ll be gaining.

Hello Valentine’s Day, goodbye diet.

When March comes, St. Patrick’s Day will mess up your diet a little more.

How does anyone ever resist green beer? Temptation everywhere.

It will be even harder if you have friends that like to go out to drink.

Can’t leave your friends hanging, right?

For Cinco de Mayo, you know every single bar will have a special on their bomb margaritas.

Even if you don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, nothing tastes better than a big, fresh, low-cost margarita.

Your diet might be safe if you don’t celebrate any of these holidays…but what about every single birthday party you go to?


Cake, alcohol and food… Every. Single. Time. And multiply that by the amount of primos, prima, tíos, tías, abuelas, abuelos, vecinos, padrinos…

Even going to church will mess with your diet.

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Because what do you do with your family after church? Eat, eat, annnnd eat.

Every bautizo, wedding and quinceañera will also tear up your diet little by little.


The cake, the dinner and the drinks will taunt you.

The biggest challenge will be every visit to your abuela’s house.?


You know she’ll freak out if she finds out you haven’t had anything to eat or have only had a salad all day.

If your diet hasn’t failed by October, it will hit rock bottom by December. Unless you can handle giving up all the food from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve…


Must… eat…

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Well, there’s always next year. ?

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Surprise, Surprise. Trump Has A NEW Plan To Pay For Border Wall

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Surprise, Surprise. Trump Has A NEW Plan To Pay For Border Wall


What’s one of the first things that President-elect Donald Trump said he’d do if elected?

Fox News via Giphy
CREDIT: Fox News via Giphy

“BUILD THE WALL!” Yes, yes, yes, we’ve heard all the different variations of this. However, he’s always vowed that Mexico “would pay for the wall, they just don’t know it yet.” Now, in typical Trump form, he’s going back on his word.

CNN reports that Trump and his team is asking Congress to make taxpayers fork over roughly $10 billion dollars to build the barrier. That means we’re going to pay for a structure that a majority of U.S. citizens don’t want.

Once good ol’ Trump saw the headlines (from the news outlet he doesn’t watch, apparently), he took to Twitter (naturally) to disclose the truth… *cough, cough.*

Ohhhh, so first we’ll pay for the wall, and when it’s finished, then Mexico will send a check over for $10 billion. That makes sense. It’s some sort of layaway plan. Right.

Mexico, who’s currently facing a terrible gasoline shortage, will somehow pay that huge bill despite President Enrique Peña Nieto already making his own promise that they’ll never pay for the wall.

So who’s really going to pay for this? This is starting to sound like the most awkward date ever.

[H/T: CNN: Trump asking Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall]

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