An Open Letter To Latinos Who Can’t Dance: You’re Not Alone, Man


Dear Fellow Awkward Latino,

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If you’ve ever felt like you’re the only one without rhythm…

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…in your family

…or your neighborhood

…or on the face of the planet

…we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone.

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We are many.

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We’re out here, too, leaning against walls during school dances.

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Pretending to text at parties so our tias don’t make us dance.

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Excusing ourselves to go to the bathroom during “El Baile Del Perrito.”

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And you’re not the only one who tried to skip out on a quince, knowing you couldn’t keep up with the steps.

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We, too, have laughed at jokes about gringos not being able to dance, while praying that no one discovers our secret shame.

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We know your pain. We know how many times you’ve practiced dancing, alone in your room.

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We know that you’ve “chair danced,” discreetly, at many a function.

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But when it comes to getting up and getting down,  it’s like your feet never got the memo…

…that we’re all supposed to be Rosie Perez on “Soul Train.”

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…or J.Lo. in her Fly Girl days.

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So don’t worry about the whole “all Latinos can dance” stereotype.

Just have fun.

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And do your thing.

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Did you do the robot as you read this? You’re def not alone. Like us on Facebook for more communal awkwardness. It’ll be ok, you guys.

Rosario Dawson Throws Mud And Shade At Hillary Clinton By Mentioning Monica Lewinksy


Rosario Dawson Throws Mud And Shade At Hillary Clinton By Mentioning Monica Lewinksy

NBC News / YouTube

It’s official, everybody. Political nastiness is now bleeding into the Democratic race, giving us a taste of what Republicans have been dealing with since the beginning of this presidential election cycle.

Rosario Dawson went after Hillary Clinton during a recent rally in Delaware by claiming that they were going after Bernie Sanders supporters online.

Credit: NBC News / YouTube

“I’m with Monica Lewinsky with this,” Dawson told the crowd. “Bullying is bad.”

Credit: NBC News / YouTube

Ostensibly, Dawson was referencing Monica Lewinksy’s efforts to fight against the type of bullying she faced when her affair with President Bill Clinton was uncovered.  Lewinsky, then an intern, was raked through the coals by the media when the affair became public knowledge. Straight talk though, bringing up Bill Clinton’s infidelity is a low blow, so much so that even the only active U.S. Senator endorsing Sanders said the comment was in poor taste and did more harm than good.

On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Sanders about the Monica Lewinsky comment. The Vermont Senator skirted the question and touted the work Dawson has done for the campaign.

Credit: CNN / The State Of The Union With Jake Tapper / Tech – It Review / YouTube

“Rosario is a great actress, and she’s doing a great job for us, and she’s been a passionate fighter to see that we increase the voter turnout,” Sanders said. “That we fight for racial, economic and environmental justice. What our job right now is to contrast our views compared to Secretary Clinton. That’s what a campaign is about.”

But how did we even get here in the first place? A superPAC, of course.


Dawson’s cheap shot was a response to Correct The Record, a Pro-Hillary Clinton superPAC.

Correct The Record is planning on spending $1 million to “correct” people who make anti-Clinton comments on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.16.36 PM

The superPAC will literally pay people to respond to Bernie supporters on the Internet, which really just sounds like paying trolls to do your dirty work for you.

Credit: “Jane The Virgin”/ CW/ Jane The Virgin GIFS/Tumblr/Gifphy

This, of course, isn’t a good look for either side. Dawson messed up with her comment, a clear jab at Clinton that uses two things (Bill Clinton’s past horndoggery and Correct the Record) she has no control over. On the other hand, Correct the Record sounds like a sleazy way to respond to people exercising free speech on the Internet. Y’all just need to take a step back and chill.

Watch Rosario Dawson throw some major shade in the video below.

Credit: NBC News / YouTube

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