An Ode To La Chancla

All praise be to la chancla. What other object transcends all Latino cultures, uniting us in fear and strength? Hint: NOTHING. Every Latino knows and has used the chancla for its intended purpose: world domination.

Let’s take a moment to give praise to the most iconic thing in Latino culture: La Chancla.

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Look at it. So beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Plus, it has sooooooo many different uses.

It is THE go-to fashion statement.

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Whether it’s for a night out with the ladies or your prima’s baptism, there is no wrong time for la chancla.

It will literally turn you into a superhero à la Thor.

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He has his magnificent hammer; we have the invincible chancla.

They are a life saver when you suddenly have to do chores for mami.

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And it doesn’t matter if they’re yours, mami’s or your 2-year-old sister’s. Any chancla will do in a pinch.

They have always been the best way to keep your ass in check.

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Doesn’t matter what sh*t you’re doing, this Latino staple will always be there to keep you out of trouble.

Out of shape? The chancla is the best motivator to work out.

Credit: Justice Abad / Vine

“You better run, Julio. Mami just grabbed her chancla and she. is. PISSED!”

From Mexicans to Dominicans, we all know and respect it.

Credit: teardropisfrom.NYC / Vine

Tbh, this has happened more than once.

Like any Latino, they come in packs of more than one and are always willing to help to get the job done.

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Pero mira eso. (Note: We can make this joke. Non-Latinos better not try it.)

Like, they are so badass they have permeated ALL forms of Latino pop culture.

Credit: @VineRedBullGallos / Vine

There are good chanclas, and there are bad chanclas. Where do you stand?

Chancla Fact #354,630: They greatly improve your flexibility.

Credit: Hans Gottschalk / Vine

Must be that bomb arch support technology.

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15 Hilarious Tweets About Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Getting Back Together


15 Hilarious Tweets About Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Getting Back Together

Getty Images/Twitter

In case you haven’t heard, Bennifer 1.0 is back. The famous early-2000s couple has been spotted spending time together in the wake of JLo’s split with A-Rod and Ben Affleck’s split with Cubana Ana de Armas. The news about their reconciliation is surprising the general public, as it’s been 17 years since the Hollywood power couple split up.

Needless to say, many fans have mixed feelings about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting back together, seeing as their 2004 split up was so messy the first time around.

But more than anything, fans have jokes. Here are some of the funniest tweets about Jlo and Ben Affleck getting back together.
















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This Hilarious Viral Video is Being Called the Latino Version of ‘Get Out’


This Hilarious Viral Video is Being Called the Latino Version of ‘Get Out’

Screenshot via xgabsterz/Twitter

We’ve all experienced it before–the nervousness of meeting your partner’s parents. And if you’re in an interracial relationship, that nervousness grows exponentially.

That’s why this video of a young Latino man who is hesitant about entering his white girlfriend’s Trump-supporting family’s house has gone viral.

It’s #relatable.

The video starts off with the unnamed boyfriend narrating what’s happening to him as his girlfriend practically drags him into her parent’s home.

In Spanish, he says “I’m going to visit my girlfriend’s parent’s house. The house is very beautiful and she wants me to go inside. But I’m not going to do that because there’s a problem.”

At this point, he pans up to focus on a “Trump” sign prominently displayed on the front lawn.

He turns the camera around to show his own very worried face. The young man’s girlfriend tries to assure him that everything is okay, promising him that her parents are “going to like you”.

The young man tells her to go on without him because he “doesn’t want to die” today. “Maybe tomorrow, yes. But today–no,” he says.

His girlfriend keeps insisting he follow her in until he finally says: “They don’t like me!” before zooming in on the “Trump/Pence” sign one final time. The comedic timing is *chef’s kiss* impeccable.

The video is captioned “This Spanish remake of ‘Get Out’–a witty nod to the 2017 horror film.

As a refresher, “Get Out” centers on a young Black man in an interracial relationship who visits his white girlfriend’s family for the weekend. Soon, he realizes the family is not quite as idyllic as they’re pretending to be. Before long, he realizes his life is in danger.

The movie accurately depicted the real-life horror of racism and white supremacy through a cinematic lens. Phrases like “the sunken place” (the place the main character went when he’s paralyzed by his girlfriend’s mother) became cultural shorthand for: the “place an oppressed person goes when they have become silent or compliant to their own oppression” (thanks Urban Dictionary).

Internet commentators chimed in with their own thoughts and opinions about the super relatable video.

One Reddit user knew exactly how the young man felt. “As a biracial person who dated a girl from a very conservative Republican family, they never let me forget that I was biracial,” he said. “They brought it up almost every day.”

Another knew the struggles of having family members with different views from their own: “I have friends and family members that have been radicalized.. it’s very difficult to have a conversation about anything anymore that doesn’t end with vitriol.”

Another Reddit user had more sympathy for the man’s girlfriend. “I feel bad for the girl honestly,” they said. “We may be able to choose who we befriend, but we can never choose our parents.”

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