This Latina Actress Was Asked A Ridiculous Question About Voting And She Fired Back With Perfect Shade

America Ferrera sat down with Gloria Steinem at the opening of the 2016 Makers Conference to talk about social justice and feminism. Makers is all about empowering women and that’s exactly what America did.

America Ferrera recalled a story of a reporter who was really off the mark with his question about the upcoming presidential elections.

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“He asked me, ‘America, what if it’s Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz?'”

Wait…this isn’t about her choosing between a Latino and woman is it?

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Because that would be crazy.

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“Oh, because I’m Latina and I’m a woman.”

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Can she just vote based off what she thinks is best for her? Why’s it got to be a race and gender thing?

Way to have NO chill, broham.

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But then America fired back at the reporter and slayed so hard, it’ll make any Latina proud.

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“Well you, as a white man, how do you decide who to vote for?!”

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And she brought if full circle and put that reporter in his place. ?

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“Because you have so many people to choose from!” ?

Slayyyyyy, girl!

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