These Companies Are Making Hilarious Shirts Latinos Need To Own

Can you believe just how much Donald Trump has encouraged Latino pride? Seriously. Dude’s racist and anti-Latino comments are giving way to the most incredible pro-Latino swag anyone could have ever imagined. Get ready to go broke buying all this sh*t.

Let’s just go ahead and get the anti-Trump tee out of the way, OK?

Credit: decolonizedmerch.bigcartel.com

Because nothing says dump Trump like vete a la xinga(da).

You can tell everyone how you really feel about certain policies.

Credit: deportracism.com

If there is one we should be deporting, it’s the idea that someone with darker skin is less than. GTFO.

You can always try a softer, more encouraging message to calm everyone around you.

Credit: IndicaPlateau / Etsy

Because sh*t can get uncomfortable so quick.

First-generation Latino-American? No problem. There is more than enough swag for you too.

Credit: barelybrokela.com

Shout out to where we come from!

For all the fashionable Latina sisters out there, you can still look dope AF while repping your Latina-ness.

Credit: @popsugarlatina / Instagram

We are the best of both worlds. #SlayReinaSlay

That whole looks has us like:

Credit: Feeling Myself / The Pinkprint / adelembe / Tumblr

You can rock this hat to let all the racist haters know that you see them and DGAF.

Credit: barelybrokela.com

Like any badass Latino would do.

This kickass tee is for everyone who would rather wear their indirectas.

Credit: LatinoDek / Etsy

Did you hear that, certain political candidate we won’t name?

Who knew that activism could look so good?

Credit: foxalive / Etsy

Actions are illegal, not people! ✊

But the best way to get a message across is with some good, old-fashioned humor.

Credit: deportracism.com

How long until someone wears this shirt to a Trump rally? Pics or it didn’t happen!

So, basically…

Credit: Channel Frederator / channelfrecderator.frederator.com

Admit it, you love this swag and already peeped the prices. Share this story with your friends and show your #LatinoPride!

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