14 Reasons Why People Give Up On Tequila

You have a love/hate relationship with tequila – you love it at night and hate it the next morning. Here are some of the countless times your friend, tequila, stabbed you in the back.

The first time you tried it.

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Oh, the buuuurn ?.

Your 21st birthday. 


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And every one thereafter.

When you discovered Patrón.


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So smooth it’s lethal… So you thought.

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The times tequila made your clothes come off.

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It’s a legitimate syndrome. Seriously, they’ve written songs about it.

When you spent all your money. 

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Because you get super generous after a few drinks. Oopsies.

Every single time you’ve decided shots were a good idea.


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Why God, why? Why didn’t I stop at three?

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When you got your heartbroken and you thought tequila was the only one that was there for you.


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…until it wasn’t.

When you decided you could out-drink your tío.

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…but found out you were wrong.

Every Cinco de Mayo.

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And you find yourself requesting every seis de Mayo off of work.

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When you discovered how to make margaritas at home.


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They were so good and so smooth, you didn’t think drinking six of them would have any kind of affect.

When it made you drunk text your ex. 

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“It wasn’t me, it was Jose Cuervo!”

When that one margarita at lunch turned into THREE.

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And the hangover set in around 2 pm… at your desk.

When you drank before a flight.


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Never again!

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When you had the real stuff in México.


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We say “¡Salud!” when we cheers because we know we’re gonna need it.

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