You Couldn’t Go to a Family Party Without Hearing All This Sh*t From Mom

Why did she put us through this every time?

¿Ya saludaste?

Credit: xtinagif / Tumblr

Yes. But do you expect me to say hi to all 7797 people here?

Y se saluda de beso.

Credit: Fox / Glee / smanderberrypez / Tumblr

There’s no way I’m kissing my creepy tío.

Ve juega con tus primas… Platícales.

Credit: gottalovebeingafangirl / Tumblr

I literally only like like two of them, so… no.

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No seas ranchera.

Credit: Giphy

Ugh, you say that every time.

Siéntate a comer con tus primas.

Credit: nbcthevoice / Tumblr

Really? Do we have to go over this again?

Cuidado con hacerme esas caras ?.

Credit: nbcthevoice / Tumblr

I wasn’t even making faces!

Estate donde te pueda ver.

Credit: Netflix / commander-racc00n / Tumblr

Wtf?! Where do you think I’m going to go?

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Dile a tu tía cuánto te gustó la comida.

Credit: cockygomez / Tumblr

Didn’t you teach me not to lie??

Pídele un pedazo de pastel para llevar a la casa.

Credit: yourreactiongifs / Tumblr

So embarrassing!

Ándale ve y baila.

Credit: yourreactiongifs / Tumblr

I think I’ll go talk to my primas now. Dancing quebraditas with my tíos is literally the most awkward thing ever.

No estés chingando que te quieres ir temprano.

Credit: quandotiverqueser / Tumblr

Quit trying to force me to be with my primas!

Di que tienes que hacer tarea para irnos.

Credit: samuelwinschester / Tumblr

More lies.

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Dad: Dile a tu mamá que ya nos vamos.

Credit: jenniferlopezfashion / Tumblr

Here we go… ?.

Dile a tu papá que traiga el carro.

Credit: zoeyskravitz / Tumblr

Do I have “messenger” written on my forehead?

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