These Comebacks Will Put an End to All the Sh*t You Get for Rooting for USA and Not Mexico

The hardest decision for a Mexican-American to make — besides flour or corn tortillas — is rooting for El Tri or the Yanks. With the U.S. and Mexico battling each other at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, Latinos in a Stars and Stripes jersey will hear the same jokes from Mexican faithfuls. Here’s how you can respond…

You’re Whitewashed


Credit: @conchitakitsun / Instagram

Tell that to the nopal on my forehead.

You’re Not Proud of Your Culture

Credit: Univision

I was in three quinceañeras and performed in a Mexican folk dance in first grade. Back off.

Your Family is Ashamed of You

Credit: sen-31 / Tumblr

Actually no, they’re not. They get I’m proud of both my ethnicities.

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What’s Wrong with You, Don’t You Like Tacos?

You’re a Bandwagon Fan

Credit: destinycalling07 / Tumblr

Yup, the Women’s National Team made me make the switch.

You Don’t Know Anything About Soccer

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I know enough to tell you that last time Mexico played US, US won 2-0.

You’re Probably Voting for Trump

Credit: yourreationgifs / Tumblr

Why are you brining politics into this?

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If they continue talking crap, remind them que sí fue penal.


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That’ll shut them up.

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