Damn. This Short Film Will Make You Think Twice About Denying Refugees Safety

Credit: Alicia Keys / YouTube

If only the U.S. government treated refugees like this.

This is what it would look like if war was raging on our own soil, much like what is happening in the Middle East. Indiscriminate bombing of towns and cities all over the world is forcing people to flee their homes and seek refuge wherever they can. It wasn’t long ago when politicians in the U.S. were debating what to do about children fleeing cartel violence in Central America and heading north to the U.S. Rather than opening up and letting those seeking refuge enter the country, there were debates over how best to deport them. Even now, raids are being performed to send those same children and families back to the violence they were fleeing.

Alicia Keys’ short film “Let Me In” takes a hard and heartbreaking look at what it would look like if Americans were fleeing violence for any kind of safety. The video, which takes place in Los Angeles, follows a family whose breakfast is interrupted by a bomb in their neighborhood. With no time to react, the mother, played by Keys, is forced to flee her home with her two young children. The journey to make it to Mexico is hard and long, but with no other option, the family starts the journey to safety across the border. Upon reaching the border, they are at the mercy of Mexican police. What happens next is something the U.S. government can and should learn from. No one wants to leave their home, family and lives behind. But what would you do if walking outside your home put you in the path of danger and violence?

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