Watch This Woman’s Story About What Her Mexican Mom’s Sacrifices Inspired Her To Do

Credit: StoryCorps / YouTube

This animated video tells the story of Connie Alvarez and her mom, Blanca. Blanca moved from Mexico to the U.S. in search of a better life and, as many of our families know too well, a better life comes after a LOT of hard work. For Blanca, that meant cleaning offices at night with her husband and their two young kids in tow.

The video beautifully highlights how differently kids view the things going on around them. For Blanca and her husband, nights meant work and juggling to keep two young children fed and entertained without the help of a babysitter. For Connie, it meant dishes of office candy, noodles from a vending machine (any food from a vending machine is automatically 987.6 times more exciting for kids than for adults), and naps on office couches.

But all of Blanca’s hard work and sacrifice paid off in one way she might not have expected. Although she wishes now that she could have had more time to spend with her daughter, Connie viewed her mom’s determination to provide for her children while also finishing college as the motivation she needed to pursue her education, too.

(No, yeah, you’ll cry.)

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