A New Documentary Shows How an Undocumented Immigrant from Colombia Found Her Voice

CREDIT: POV Interactive/YouTube

“My mom raised me in an environment where speaking out about your status is wrong.”

Contrary to popular Donald Trump’s belief, not all undocumented immigrants come from Mexico. PBS’s new documentary, Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) tells the heartbreaking story and eventual triumph of Colombian immigrant Angy Rivera. Rivera held two secrets throughout her young life: she was an undocumented child living in the US and she was abused by her step-father.

However, Rivera didn’t remain silent. She started writing a column on the New York State Youth Leadership Council website called “Ask Angy,” which became the first undocumented-youth advice column in the country.

“Being undocumented isn’t something we can put in the back of our heads,”Rivera says in the film. “When I wake up, it’s the first thing I think about.”

The film chronicles her story as a young undocumented girl to a woman who spoke up about her past through writing and social media, supporting thousands of undocumented immigrants in the process.

The film premieres September 21 on PBS. Find out more about Rivera’s story and the film on PBS’ page.

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