9 Ways Traditional Hair Salons Messed Up My ‘Fro

Having kinky hair is the bomb, but not everyone knows how to handle it. Before I fully embraced mis rizos, I was guilty of mistreating my hair on a regular basis, and the salons (and hair dressers) I visited weren’t helping!

So learn from my past missteps. Here are 9 things you need to watch out for:

1. “You should relax your hair, se vería tan lindo.”

2. “Let’s comb those knots out.”

3. “Let’s shampoo your hair. Twice.”

4. “A good flat iron will get rid of all that mess.”

5. “You don’t need ALL of that conditioner.”

6. “Let’s go ahead and give you unos bucles.”

7. “Vamos a ponerle silicone.”

8. “Forget the diffuser.”

9. “Déjame towel dry your hair.”