9 Ways Traditional Hair Salons Messed Up My ‘Fro


Having kinky hair is the bomb, but not everyone knows how to handle it. Before I fully embraced mis rizos, I was guilty of mistreating my hair on a regular basis, and the salons (and hair dressers) I visited weren’t helping!

So learn from my past missteps. Here are 9 things you need to watch out for:

1. “You should relax your hair, se vería tan lindo.”


Chemically removing the greatness out of my hair? No gracias.

2. “Let’s comb those knots out.”


As if mi pelo crespo needed any extra help breaking off into split ends.

3. “Let’s shampoo your hair. Twice.”


Noooo! Bye-bye natural oils, hello extra dry curls. Skipping the shampoo can actually help your hair, and your salon should know that!

4. “A good flat iron will get rid of all that mess.”


That “mess” is my precious pajón and it hates heat. I’ll pass. (Also, never go to a salon that thinks straight hair = good hair. You don’t need that in your life.)

5. “You don’t need ALL of that conditioner.”


Yes. I. Do. My hair survives and thrives on conditioner.

6. “Let’s go ahead and give you unos bucles.”


Not everyone needs to have long, loose ringlets in order to look her best. For the health of your hair, find someone who’ll work with your natural texture, not against it.

7. “Vamos a ponerle silicone.”


Let me see, a product that causes build-up, weighs curls down and kills definition? Yeah, I’ll pass.

8. “Forget the diffuser.”


Forget you!

9. “Déjame towel dry your hair.”


Unless that towel is microfiber, I’ll stick to using an old t-shirt (special tip from me to you), thank you very much.

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Do you have a salon nightmare story? Let it out, bb. We’re here for you.

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