9 Ways to Use Vaporú to Cure More than Your Stubborn Cold

Vaporub, or Vaporú as we call it, is a gift from the GODS, honey. Don’t believe it?

Credit: Easy A / Screen Gems / raynotts / Tumblr

Seriously, a faint whiff of Vicks is enough to open the floodgates of childhood memories for any Latino.

Vaporú, is THE Latino healthcare hack…always has been.


We all know that it will knock the cold out of you like f—ing magic.

Ebola doesn’t stand a chance against this super cure in a blue jar.

Did you break your leg? Ponte Vicks!

You can also use it on your broken heart. ?


It’s a Latinos go-to when feeling homesick.

Sunburn? Ponte Vicks.

Sore from blasting your muscles at the gym? Vick’s has you covered.

It’s even a weight-loss breakthrough for those last 5 pounds.

And it wont’s be long before Latinos learn how to harness it’s power to help poor Mother Nature.


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