9 Ways to Use Vaporú to Cure More than Your Stubborn Cold

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Vaporub, or Vaporú as we call it, is a gift from the GODS, honey. Don’t believe it?

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Seriously, a faint whiff of Vicks is enough to open the floodgates of childhood memories for any Latino.

Vaporú, is THE Latino healthcare hack…always has been.

This was our health insurance! #healthy #oldschool #Esprite #pollito #Vaporu #mexican #makeupbymonilou

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Everyone from your mom to abuelita and even your tías agree: it’s the shit, bro.

We all know that it will knock the cold out of you like f—ing magic.

Whether you put it on your chest or on your feet, it does the same thing and works suuuuper fast.

Ebola doesn’t stand a chance against this super cure in a blue jar.

vaporu cures everything #Mexicans #mexicanmoms #vaporu #vaporrub #mexicanproblems

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Why else do you think Latinos weren’t concerned during the Ebola outbreak? Because we got this!

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Did you break your leg? Ponte Vicks!

There’s just something about the tingling feel of Váporú that really motivates your bones to come together.

You can also use it on your broken heart. ?

#pontevicks #vicksvaporub

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Just a few handfuls of this stuff on your chest and you’ll be saying, “Javier who?”

It’s a Latinos go-to when feeling homesick.

The smell of the mentholated cream just screams CASA, am I right?

Sunburn? Ponte Vicks.

Vick’s was the closest think to aloe you would find in your house after a day at the beach.

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Sore from blasting your muscles at the gym? Vick’s has you covered.

#mexicansbelike ??? google it, this is actually true #vaporub #lifting #google

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Because, who even uses Ben-Gay or Icy Hot anymore?

It’s even a weight-loss breakthrough for those last 5 pounds.

Especially after the holidays when you want to trim down before seeing your crush. But don’t forget to seal in saran wrap before bed to see real results.

And it wont’s be long before Latinos learn how to harness it’s power to help poor Mother Nature.

#extremesolutions #vicsvaporrub #vaporu

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What are your favorite uses for Vick’s Váporú? Share this story with your friends and learn all the secrets contained within the magic blue jar.

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