You’ll Never Guess What (Might) be in Pablo Escobar’s Secret Safe

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In case you didn’t know, the owners of Pablo Escobar’s former Miami mansion are giving the property a MAJOR facelift complete with total demolition of the existing home. There has already been one safe stolen from the property but, luckily, the workers have found another one. Just imagine what a major drug lord would put in a safe. Here are our guesses…

Some sick-ass baby photos with his siblings doing what they do.

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¿¡Qué cute, no?!

He probably stored books to keep his mind busy.

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…Or his body.

For sure they’d find TONS of fan letters from El Chapo.

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Because everyone has role models, even drug lords and kingpins. #PenPals

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He had to have super expensive hippo food in that thing.

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When’s the last time anyone fed them, anyway?

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He’s got to have the Narcos set.

Credit: Netflix

To make sure it’s accurate.

Will they find evidence of a Sofia Vergara/Pablo Escobar forbidden romance?

?? #WCW #SofiaVergara #ModernFamily

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Keeping it within the Colombianos.

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Surely Pablo hid his diary in the safe for safe keeping. ?

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Imagine the things we would learn about the Colombian drug king from his diary.

Or maybe it’s something a little darker: like a souvenir from his first victim.

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After all, we know he’s ruthless.

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But, most likely, the safe will just have some drugs that never got delivered…

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Not Even a Massive Blizzard Can Keep Latinos Away from Their Favorite Things


Not Even a Massive Blizzard Can Keep Latinos Away from Their Favorite Things

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While the rest of the country was freaking out over the latest blizzard, Latinos once again proved nothing stops us. Not even a tiny blizzard.

No storm is bad enough to keep us from making that beer run.


How else are we going to pass the time locked inside with our family?

Below freezing? Sounds like a great time for some half-naked shenanigans.


Because we’re strong and nothing can hold us down.

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We will literally do anything for our beloved Chipotle.

Credit: @chopanfs / Instagram

I see you over there alone and cold. Don’t worry. Omw!

Mami’s cooking it totally worth a long walk in the snow.


And with any luck, she’ll have a fresh pot of caldo waiting for you.

It’s always the right time for a fiesta, amiright?


Especially cuando hay nieve to keep the drinks cold.

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Snowzilla also makes for a good Insta pic.


When else are you going to be able to take a prettier picture?

And coffee is just as enticing as Chipotle.


No matter how cold it is, un cafécito is ALWAYS the answer.

Mami will still make sure you go out there and do your chores.


Credit: @eeloy_romero / Instagram

Mainly because shoveling snow is a basic skill everyone should know.

And no massive blizzard is keeping us from a beach day.

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