9 Things That Make Mom Go From 0 to Gangster

Even the sweetest mom turns terrifying gangster in the time it takes a grenade to go off if you do something like…

When you try sneaking a fork into the sink… Right after she’s done doing the dishes.

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Nothing ticks her off more.

When you side with your papá during one of their nonsensical arguments.

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The ultimate betrayal.

If you tell her you’re dieting.

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She puts this in front of you anyway…but not before ranting about how hard she worked to make it for you.

When you surprise her with a little ink.

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Her reaction was far scarier than the needle.

That time you revealed you don’t want kids.

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“How could you do this to me?”

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When you dyed your hair.

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She nearly fainted.

When she heard you drop the f-bomb.

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¿Dónde fregados aprendiste a hablar así?

When you insult her telenovela.

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Break her heart, why don’t you?

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But whatever you do… Do NOT ignore her calls.

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She immediately assumes you’re hurt and if you’re not, you will be when she’s through with you.

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