9 Things That Happen At Target When You’re Latino

You tell yourself it’ll be a quick trip – just go in, directly to the aisle, grab what you need and go. That never happens. C’mon, it’s Target. Add that to all of this that happens and you’ve got yourself a 2-hour retail therapy sesh…

1. You go in for toilet paper, come out with 5 bags of Hot-Cheetos.


HOW are you supposed to resist them? It’s like you’re the moth and they are the flame…get it? FLAMIN’? Whatever, they’re a legitimate addiction and you’ll never get over it.

2. Abuela always manages to find candles on sale.

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And we don’t mean the scented kind.

3. You tend to hold up the check-out line because you’re trying to dig up all your coupons from your oversized bag.

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You nervously try to make conversation with the cashier to distract him / her.

4. No matter what you go there for, you always walk out with Goya Adobo seasoning.

Target has bomb prices when it comes to groceries which explains you walking out with three cans of seasoning when… you already have two unopened cans at home.

5. If you wear a red shirt, expect shoppers to tap you on the shoulder and ask you where the body wash is.

Credit: Keeping Up With The Kardashians / E!

But you asked for it because if there’s one unwritten Target rule, it’s you don’t wear a red shirt.

6. You walk out with gifts for la tía, la prima, la vencina, la cuñada, la sobrina, la ahijada, la maestra…

Credit: My Life As Eva / YouTube

You can’t leave with just one thing.

7. You luckily always find your favorite ranchera albums on sale.

Credit: uncabronbienhecho / Tumblr

You’d never forgive yourself if for some reason they had a Chavela Vargas CD on sale and you walked out without it. Unforgivable.

8. Your quick trip turns into a two-hour voyage.


Because you literally stop, stare and everything. Only Target can convince you that you need a weaved hamper.

9. You run into your tía.

Because Target is always a familia affair.

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Christina Aguilera Lip Synching ‘Lady Marmalade’ To A TikTok Meme Is A Summer Treat


Christina Aguilera Lip Synching ‘Lady Marmalade’ To A TikTok Meme Is A Summer Treat

Kevin Winter / Getty

In 2001, Christina Aguilera was a pop princess on the rise.

She further solidified herself in the world of music that year when she joined forces with the powerful voices of Mýa, Pink, and rappers Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliot for a recorded version of “Lady Marmalade.” The track, which had been created for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, became an instant smash and classic. At the time of its release, the song was a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks.

Let us not forget that the song also taught an entire generation the infamous French words “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?”

Now nearly twenty years after its release, Aguilera is reminding us of her musical chops and the beloved song.

In a video posted to her Instagram page, the Burlesque actress mimed along to a recent version of the song performed by TikTok sensation Lili Hayes. Hayes, who is 72, blew up on Instagram and TikTok a few years ago for her musical posts and attitude. She can often be seen on her pages singing or sporting hats and has gained fame for her sense of humor. She’s been featured in blog posts and major outlets like Vogue.

Her bio reads ‘Over everything. Always a little p****d.’ 

Christina’s parody of Hayes’s hilarious TikTok sent her 6.8 million followers into an internet craze.

Fans labeled the singer a ‘goddess’ for singing the song while dancing in her swimming pool with a glass of wine and an oversized black straw hat. In the video, Aguilera can be seen showing off her playful side while whipping her hair around.

“I feel like I’ve never sounded so goooooood! Yas honey @lili_hayes ! 😂🔥 #RealLadyMarmalade #LadyMarmaladeRemix #tiktok,” she wrote in a caption of the hilarious clip.

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This Man Posts A Video Highlighting Mexican ‘Avatar The Last Airbender’ Characters And It’s So Accurate


This Man Posts A Video Highlighting Mexican ‘Avatar The Last Airbender’ Characters And It’s So Accurate

@nacho_libro_ / TikTok

Who here loves “Avatar The Last Airbender”? It is one show that has been around for so long that the fanbase can only grow. The show is a fantasy ride that will take you to some of the most imaginative places. However, one fan realized something no one else did: some of the characters are Mexicans. Here’s what he found.


Credit: @nacho_libro_ / TikTok

Roku, a.k.a. “El Espiritu,” is one of the Mexicanos rocking it in the Fire Nation. Roku’s memory served as a guiding force for Aang along his long and storied journey. It is like that one compa you have who is always able to help you out of a jam. You never know how he will do it but he always does.


Credit: @nacho_libro_ / TikTok

You might know Sokka as the defacto leader of the Water Nation for a time. When he was younger, Sokka wanted to join his father in the war. He tried his best and left with all of the men to join the fight. However, he was too young to fight and was sent back but was the oldest male and became the leader of the tribe. Much like that primo we all have who is the oldest of the primos and teaches us everything. Where would we be without that primo?


Credit: @nacho_libro_ / TikTok

Zuko was born into the royal family of the Fire Nation. The prince abdicated his throne and lived in exile. For years, Zuko tried his best to catch the long-lost Avatar to get back into his kingdom. We all know that one friend that is trying to make up for something. At the end of the day, he is a good dude but he just has some things that he has to work out.

“Avatar the Last Airbender” fans are asking for more.

Credit: @nacho_libro_ / TikTok

There are so many more people that can be made into Mexican airbenders. The first three are already a success for the TikTok user with more than 234,000 views. Fans want more and it just seems like the perfect time to create more.

And it wasn’t just the setup.

Credit: @nacho_libro / TikTok

The TikTok user came through with his joke. Not only was the haircut so on point, he included a bunch of easter eggs. One of them was the América jersey that left some viewers screaming. Watch the video here and enjoy.

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