9 Things That Happen At Target When You’re Latino

You tell yourself it’ll be a quick trip – just go in, directly to the aisle, grab what you need and go. That never happens. C’mon, it’s Target. Add that to all of this that happens and you’ve got yourself a 2-hour retail therapy sesh…

1. You go in for toilet paper, come out with 5 bags of Hot-Cheetos.


HOW are you supposed to resist them? It’s like you’re the moth and they are the flame…get it? FLAMIN’? Whatever, they’re a legitimate addiction and you’ll never get over it.

2. Abuela always manages to find candles on sale.

And we don’t mean the scented kind.

3. You tend to hold up the check-out line because you’re trying to dig up all your coupons from your oversized bag.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC

You nervously try to make conversation with the cashier to distract him / her.

4. No matter what you go there for, you always walk out with Goya Adobo seasoning.

Target has bomb prices when it comes to groceries which explains you walking out with three cans of seasoning when… you already have two unopened cans at home.

5. If you wear a red shirt, expect shoppers to tap you on the shoulder and ask you where the body wash is.

Credit: Keeping Up With The Kardashians / E!

But you asked for it because if there’s one unwritten Target rule, it’s you don’t wear a red shirt.

6. You walk out with gifts for la tía, la prima, la vencina, la cuñada, la sobrina, la ahijada, la maestra…

Credit: My Life As Eva / YouTube

You can’t leave with just one thing.

7. You luckily always find your favorite ranchera albums on sale.

Credit: uncabronbienhecho / Tumblr

You’d never forgive yourself if for some reason they had a Chavela Vargas CD on sale and you walked out without it. Unforgivable.

8. Your quick trip turns into a two-hour voyage.

Because you literally stop, stare and everything. Only Target can convince you that you need a weaved hamper.

9. You run into your tía.

Because Target is always a familia affair.

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