9 Things Every Latino Who Grew Up With A Gringo Parent Will Understand

If you, like me, grew up in a household with one Latino parent and one gringo parent, you know that, while they both love you equally, culture clashes are REAL. Here are 10 things every Latino who grew up with a gringo parent will totally understand:

1. When your mom says, “Let’s turn on some salsa music” and plays, like, Jennifer Lopez for the 100th time.

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I mean, praise J.Lo as the queen that she is, but gringos everywhere act as if she’s the only Latino recording artist. Also, her music is definitely not salsa.

2. When dad is like, “We’re going to eat authentic Mexican cuisine tonight,” and you pull up to Chipotle.

Credit: CBS

Get thee to a taqueria ASAP.

3. When your dad says your “Latino” side is coming out too much.

Credit: NBC

Ummmm, what does that mean exactly?!

4. When mom cusses in Spanish and dad tries to get you to translate.

Credit: LOGO

This whole problem could’ve been avoided if dad just LEARNED SPANISH.

5. When your racist uncle on Gringo Parent’s side makes a comment about Latinos at Thanksgiving.

Credit: Disney Channel

Must tune out…must tune out…

6. When your non-Latino parent makes fun of your dancing skills.

Credit: DoseOfFunny

“Looks like you didn’t inherit THOSE skills from your dad.” LEAVE ME ALONE. NOT ALL LATINOS CAN DANCE.

7. When your mom wants to cook a Puerto Rican dish and doesn’t have one Goya product in the cabinet.

Credit: MTV

There are just no words.

8. When Gringo Parent starts to think they’re Latino, simply by association.

Credit: OWN

Absolutely not.

9. When they try to make you say which you like being more: Italian or Venezuelan.

Credit: Fox

Words cannot express how infuriating it is. AS IF I COULD CHOOSE?! I’m FULLY BOTH.

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