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9 Latino ‘Super’ Foods and Drinks to Get You Past Your Hangover

Hangovers are the absolute worst. There is nothing good about them, except the hangover cures.

Vuelve a la Vida will do just that – bring you back to life.

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It’s like ceviche and a michelada had a baby just to cure your throbbing head.

7-Up works on more than just an upset stomach.

Best part is that you might have some just lying around after your night of partying, so you don’t even have to leave your house. #makingitwork

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Afraid of the hangover getting worse? Just grab a michelada and meet it halfway.

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If you don’t vomit from the smell of booze, you’re doing alright.

Of course you can always run to the ole’ stand-by: massive sauce-drenched burritos. ?

It’ll soak up all the remaining alcohol and get you full enough to slip into a food coma.

A bowl of Bolivian fricasé might do the trick if you have the patience for that.

Or just make your way to abuelita’s house and let her know what’s up. She’ll take care of you.

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You may have never heard of it, but Leche de Tigres should be more than enough to jolt that hangover out of you.

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What is it? Not much, just the juices they use to marinate the shrimp for the ceviche with a shot of pisco.

You can’t go wrong with some pan con mantequilla and café con leche to ease your pain.

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It truly is the life source you need after a an epic night out with your girls that you will never remember.

Mondongo, anyone?

For that person who always turns to menudo, but wants to see what else is out there.

But you could have avoided ALL of this if you just listen to our Puerto Rican friends and rubbed lemon slices on your armpits before drinking to keep you hydrated.

Seriously. You can’t make that up.

What is your go-to hangover cure? Share this story below and help your friends nurse their hangovers!

Why Latino Dads Don’t Say I Love You


Why Latino Dads Don’t Say I Love You

Growing up in Latino households, the dynamic between parents and their kids is pretty straightforward. They rule the house and what they say goes. While they could be a little strict at times, they show love in other ways such as making homecooked meals, fixing anything that needs fixing and sacrificing a lot for a better life.

In a new video by Mitu, the relationship between fathers and sons is spotlighted as one where discussions about love and sensitivity can be difficult.


In most Latino households, the machismo mentality is very present, and breaking down that wall of emotions is almost impossible to do. Dad’s will undoubtedly say that they do love their children, but they have a difficult time saying the actual words.

In three generations of fathers and sons, each dad admits that they just don’t say “I love you.”


It could be the language barrier or a cultural difference, but hearing “I love you” from a parent to their child is the best thing to help a relationship grow in a nurturing way.

One of the most touching parts of their stories is when the sons tell their fathers how much their love means to them.


Each son spoke so eloquently and told them that they admire their hard work, and everything they sacrificed for them, and how they understand that all they do is to help their families, and others.

A beautiful portion of the video (and you will cry so grab some tissue) is when Sergio Garcia tells his dad Manuel Garcia that he has taught him so much throughout his life.


Sergio says that his dad taught about having a good work ethic, that he knows how much he did for their family, and how to be humble and respectful.

Check out the full video here.

These Emotional Posts About Dad’s On Father’s Day Were A Reminder That Life Is Short


These Emotional Posts About Dad’s On Father’s Day Were A Reminder That Life Is Short

kimcasarrubias87 / Instagram / @JulianCastro / Twitter

We love Father’s Day so much! It’s that one time of the year where we can truly shower our dad with love and admiration. It’s also the perfect day to gloat about their hard work, their sacrifices, and make fun of their adorable and goofy way.

All over social media, people — famous and all — gave their dad’s much-deserved praise, and here are some of our favorites.

Credit: Carlos Arévalo / Facebook

Chicano Batman’s Carlos Arévalo showed this touching throwback of his mom and dad, and we’re loving the ’80s fashion.

The entire weekend, United Farm Workers honored several dads for providing for their families and furthering the farm workers rights movement.

Credit: @UFWupdates / Twitter

Like most fathers, they work tirelessly to guarantee that their families have a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

Some people shared the most touching moments from their childhoods.

Credit: @MiguelMValle / Twitter

We love how much their dad has shown them how to be loving and respectful. These moments are how you break the cycle of dads not showing their emotions.

Presidential candidate Julián Castro is all about quality time.

Credit: @JulianCastro / Twitter

He might be running for president and spending all of his time on the road, but he will always make time for his little ones. After all, he is fighting to make sure that his babies have the best life possible.

People took the day to really honor their father for everything they have done for them.

Credit: @alegre1519 / Twitter

They did everything for us. They sacrificed everything for us. Many of our fathers have given everything they could to make sure we can get to where we are going.

Even Maluma got a Father’s Day shoutout because, well, even daddies need some love.

Credit: natalia / Instagram

Let’s take a quick poll. Do you think Maluma is secretly about to become a father or do you think this post is all about Maluma being the biggest daddy in the music industry?

Author Julissa Arce took a moment to show just how hard her own father worked to give her the best possible life.

Credit: @julissaarce / Twitter

The language barrier did not stop our dads. It didn’t matter what they needed to do to get things done, they just wanted to get things done. Our hearts are full when we think about everything our dads have done for us.

Nothing like a pool party with your dad.

Credit: gardenbliss76anaya / Instagram

There is something so sweet about seeing multiple generations celebrating Father’s Day. It’s one of the most touching moments during any holiday.

They keep the American Dream alive in all fo us.

Credit: @Victoria4Texas / Twitter

What wont our fathers do? They have always made the best out of any situation as long as it would change our lives.

A good work ethic goes a long way.

Credit: @UFWupdates / Twitter

We excel because of our fathers. They really did mold us into some of the hardest working people in our communities and we think them.

Nothing like dad taking us to the happiest place on earth.

Credit: kimcasarrubias87 / Instagram

Who doesn’t have sweet memories from our parents taking us to out favorite places?

Cardi B’s baby is living the life.

Credit: iamcardib / Instagram

Thanks to her baller mom and dad.

Some dads even take their own days to let us have an even better day because that’s what makes them happy.

You can just see the dad calculating what that stuffed animal will mean for his little one. He won’t show emotions in public but we know he is weeping internally.

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