9 Stressful Moments Every Latino Experiences When Traveling With Their Family

Traveling for the holidays is one of the most stressful things we are willing subject ourselves to every year. The only thing that makes these travels worse is having to figure out the logistics with an entire family in tow.

There is always so much prep work involved with traveling with your family.

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Mami wants you to leave the house cleaner than when you had visitas for Thanksgiving. And it always takes the whole night before your trip to get it done.

Your sibling is always trying to pack like it’s a year-long trip.

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And every year you have to calm mom down and help her get her maletas in order.

You wake up 5 hours before your flight but everyone is still running late leaving you feeling like this:

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How is it that we were all up at 4 a.m. for a flight at noon and it’s now 9:30 a.m. and papi is still looking for his shoes?

Because you always leave late, mami has to make some questionable driving maneuvers.

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Me: I think we just hit something.

Mami: You gonna snitch?

Papi is literally chosen every time for a “random” pat down.

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Maybe it’s because it is just random. Or maybe it is because he thought a bottle of tequila in his carry-on would be just fine…

Inevitably, you always lose one person in the shuffle through security and to the gate.

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And you are always the one that mami asks to search for the missing person.

And you’ll find them getting food because, in their minds, “Hay tiempo.”

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No. There isn’t time. The flight is boarding and we still need to make our way across the damn airport. Hurry up!

You finally settle into the flight and start to think you finally have it all past you.

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Sure, it was crazy and all but now you can finally enjoy time with the ones you love.

But then you realize that you have to make the trip back…

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Can we please try to make it just a little bit easier this time?

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