These Sweet Serenata Turned into Novias’ Nightmares

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Serenatas are meant to be a romantic way to honor someone you love. Typically, the person serenading sings from outside a window while their loved one listens inside. Other times, the entire encounter happens inside. The music is supposed to be sweet and romantic. But the best serenatas are the ones that go terribly wrong.

They don’t always work out as planned.

In order for a serenata to work, you need the other person to at least open the window.

Sometimes, the picture is more important than the serenata.

Because if there aren’t any pictures, it didn’t happen.

Serenata’s are a fail if it’s coming from your drunk ex-boyfriend and his douchey friend.

Me trajeron serenata. Kenervioz @elvaronsantiago @ivanromero06 #serenata #DF #life #love #blessed

A video posted by @soyunarama (@soyunarama) on

And you can’t even understand a word they’re saying. ?Por suuuu maldishhhooo amoor?

Improvised serentas almost never have a happy ending.


So embarrassing!

It’s a fail when your suegra and your girlfriend’s tía enjoy the surprise more than your gf.


Btw, the mother did not shoot the band, like the video title says.

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Even if she does come out…


Who’s to say she won’t go back in…

Serenatas are not always well-received.

We blame it all on the choice of song. Again, serentas are supposed to be sweet!

Some are too fresa to appreciate the sweet gesture.


Maybe they’ve seen too many?

While others wish they didn’t exist.



Even if it’s a really good salsa song sung by really cute guys: meh. #ElTioAmargado

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Feds Spending Nearly Half Million Dollars to Get Fat Latinos to Exercise

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Feds Spending Nearly Half Million Dollars to Get Fat Latinos to Exercise

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If you’re a Mexican man and receive a text telling you to exercise, don’t panic.  It’s just the feds.

This is not a hoax.  The feds are maybe — probably, definitely — watching you and they know you’re not moving your a$$. You see, the texts are supposed to encourage you to put down the taco and get your booty in shape, because “Mexican-American men report high rates of inactivity and related health conditions,” says the National Institute of Health.

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It’s all part of a study (yes, they’re using you for a good cause) to get Latino men who “have limited access to public health interventions promoting physical activity” to get healthier. The low-cost strategy — or texts — will cost around $400,000, but if it works, they’ll expand it to help others.

So, come on, drop down and give the feds 10, ‘cause you got a lot of catching-up to do.

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