9 Selena Covers That Prove She Will Always Be La Reina

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There is a reason we all still love and sing Selena songs to this day. Everyone from Kat Von D to Jackie Cruz have covered Selena songs and each is just another reminder why we all love La Reina.

Jackie Cruz totally blew us away with her modern take on “Como La Flor.”

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She had all of us screaming, “Como La Floooooorrrr” and opened our eyes to this talent we didn’t know she had.

Paulina Rubio made everyone emotional during her version of “Fotos Y Recuerdos” during Selena Vive.

Credit: Univisión / ¡Selena Vive! / Canal de SelenaBolivia / YouTube

Me still: ? ?

Thalía belting “Amor Prohibido” proved to all of us that Selena’s music is definitely here to stay.

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TBH, it was probably the first song any of us could sing all the way through.

Even Selena Gomez, named after the Tejano pop star, had to cover “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” during an early concert.

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Seriously, Selena permeates ALL of pop culture, from Selena Gomez to Beyoncé.

“Dreaming Of You” sounded so dreamy when Bruno Mars treated his audience to an unexpected tribute.

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Just when you think you can’t love Bruno Mars any more, he goes and does that.

Even Suzette Quintanilla appreciated Adrienne Bailon’s “I Could Fall In Love” cover.

Credit: The Real / Telepictures Production / The Real Daytime / YouTube


It makes total sense Kumbia Kings did a “Baila Esta Cumbia” cover and they did it so much justice.

Credit: Univisión / ¡Selena Vive! / Canal de SelenaBolivia / YouTube

Get it, boys! Selena would be proud.

Little Becky G even did a medley of four classic and instantly recognizable Selena songs.

Credit: Arodii_ P / YouTube

She hit “Como La Flor,” “Baila Esta Cumbia,” ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” AND “Techno Cumbia” in ONE medley and her hand gestures were on point.

And, let’s not forget the woman who brought Selena to life on the big screen covering “No Me Queda Más” like only she can.

Credit: Pedro Olmos-Ruiz / YouTube

We see you J.Lo and we appreciate you.

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