9 Relatives That Always Get the Party Started at Holiday Parties

Celebrate responsibly, Captain’s orders!

The days are shorter, the weather is crisper, and it can only mean one thing: family holiday parties are just around the corner! If there’s anything true in this world, it’s that Latinx families know how to celebrate the holidays.

Here are 9 relatives that always get the party started at holiday parties.

1. Your rebellious older sister who always brings the hot jams that make Abuela angry.

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She might be scolded later for bringing her hot tunes to the family holiday party, while Abuela listens to “Noche de Paz,” but your older sister knows how to get the jams going for the younger people at the party.

2. Your Tia (who is on her second marriage) who brings the dopest empanadas.  


You will listen to story after story of her ridiculous relationships if it means you can enjoy those heavenly empanadas. Nothing says the holidays like a fried doughy goodness filled with meat.

3. Your ex-DJ Tio who brings every classic Christmas record he owns.


Listen, there’s nothing wrong with listening to José Feliciano around the holidays, but if your Tio doesn’t stop playing Feliz Navidad on repeat, you’re going to lose your mind.

4. Your younger primo who knows how to make the perfect coquito.


Okay, you don’t give your cousin enough credit because his coquitos mixed with Captain Morgan spiced rum are HEAVEN. What is cozier and more fun than sipping on one of these delicious treats while the snow falls outside?!

5. Your Abuela’s sister who brings her flawless flan de coco.

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Your great-tia may be pretty much ancient, but she can make one hell of a flan de coco. And it always gives the holiday party a second wind when it’s time to dig into it.

6. Your little brother who is a master of lechón asado.


It wouldn’t be the holidays if your brother didn’t make a delicious roasted pig. Your vegan primos are never thrilled about it, but it’s a family tradition.

7. Your Abuelo who brings the dominoes.


One of the best parts about the holidays is when Abuelo busts out the dominoes and you go ham. Nothing like some friendly familia competition. It doesn’t matter if he’s your Abuelo, all is fair in love and dominoes.

8. Your Tia who think she’s at karaoke and sings Aguinaldo songs all night long like it’s a Navidad club.

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And honestly? Thank goodness for her, because what party ends before midnight? When your family does holiday parties, they keep it going until the sun come sup!

9. Your hot young Tia that brings the Captain Morgan.

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This might be arguably the most important part of any family party. What’s better than sipping some classic spiced rum next to the Christmas tree?! Your tia gets it.

Celebrate responsibly, Captain’s orders!

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